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Black list for my lifestyle

BLACK is my color of dressing,my way of putting kajal in my eyes and symbol of my hair color.Black is necessity of my life style and black depicts that you are still young and passion in you to work with younger generation.If I tell you about my wish list,it goes on and on and will never get over but stil I tried my level best to figure out somethings which add top to my black list.

A Black Walking Stick

My lovely grandmother always keep her hand on my shoulder or try to find some sort of support while walking or taking steps to nearby temple.We got her a bamboo stick from the nearby market but it is not of very good quality and my grandma feels uncomfortable walking with it.For me,my grandmother is my best friend and I am always there to support her,so I am searching for a black walking wooden stick which she can hold with ease and that can help her in walking giving less pressure on her knees.

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Black Jeans

I like to wear traditional clothes and saree.But for certain special occasions like my friend birthday or get together,I like to be little less formal and like a model girl,wear black top with matching black high heels shoes.I have floral black jeans in my wish list which I could wear and dress myself in smarter way.I want black color jeans because it gives that contrast look which could match my white shirt.

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Black Dinner Set

My mom loves cooking food and I love to serve it on the table everyday whenever dad comes from office.We have been eating dinner on same old dinner set which we got last diwali festival gifted by my uncle.A black and white dinner set including everything would really make our food more fresh and we could sense change from same old utensils too.I like this Vivienne porcelain dinner set.

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Black Coffee Machine

Coffee is best when you want to stay awake or have low blood pressure.In our family ,everyone loves to sip a cup of coffee except my dad,who prefers green tea.We love to make coffee by mixing sugar and coffee in small mug and add some water to it.Then we keep on mixing it until the color of coffee changes and smell from coffee beans start coming.But still we are not able to make the coffee as done by ccd or starbucks.A black coffee machine is on my hit list so that I could get rid of this whole process and just use this beautiful black coffee maker which can make instant coffee.

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Black Mirror

My bathroom is the place for me where I can sing with freedom,love myself and talk to myself.It is the place where I realize my true personality.I stand in front of mirror and keep staring at myself after every hour or so.It gives me confidence when speaking to myself.The mirror in my bathroom is old classic style and all I want is to replace the mirror with this black frame mirror which looks royal and stylish.Its antique black finish makes it gorgeous in all respect.

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My Black Desires

Before heading to my wish list,I would like to thank God and my family for everything they have done for me and made me self reliance and capable that I can afford to buy not the best of the all beautiful things in the world but at least some things which I like the most.For me,my favorite color is white because it symbolizes peace and calm nature and matches my personality.But fashion changes everyday with new trends and impact of cultures and westernization. If you talk about black color,it represents power and authority and associated with elegance,class and bold looks.In my case,I love black color when it comes to having gadgets,using smartphones and my special occasion dress with matching jewelery.

One should not stop dreaming in life and always be confident to chase their dreams.For me some of most awesome black desires which I would love to have with me now include :-

Black Diamond Set and Earrings

When I was 6-7  years old,I use to stand in front of mirror and open my mumma jewellery box and started to dress and pamper myself.I am big fond of jewellery and specially earrings.Every year I save money to buy jewellery during Diwali festival and try to include for jewel pieces in my collection.This black and silver moti necklace and matching diamond earring is one of my favorite of all times which I would love to posses with me.

Pic from http://www.jewelorigins.com

Black Montblanc Ink Pen

My grand father used to write with black ink pen and maintained a diary with him recording all the daily transactions and business activities.Though he is not there with me but I still hold his black ink pen with me and I use it as writing instrument for signing official bank documents and important papers.I have heard that Montblanc company makes one of the premier luxuxy best fountain pen and it would be so cool for me if I own Montblanc Meisterstuck 146 LeGrand Piston Fountain Pen which comes with Black Ink .

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Black Bentley

Black Bentley Continental GT is my favorite car of all times till date and I like this car for its design and looks.This car makes me crazy and most ultimate sexy car of all times which makes me say WOOOOOOOOW.
Pic taken from Wikipedia.com

Black and White Smartphone

This black and white smartphone HTC ONE X is limited edition phone which is designed for perfection.The black and white color with sense interface and android firmware makes it the best smartphone on this planet.

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Black Designer Heels 

Going for a romantic date or shopping,this designer heels is must to impress everyone.This piece was worn by a model in New York Fashion show and a crowd puller.This was also part of Indian Blender Pride Fashion week and its popularity can be felt everywhere.

Pic from Google

Before ending the blog post,I would say no matter if I get those materialistic things with me or not,but the most important thing in life is to be happy always but keep dreaming!

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