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Get Quikr NXT!

Quikr.com is the first thing which comes to my mind when I am looking for best deals when buying and selling products. I like the Quikr platform and its website because posting an ad takes hardly few seconds and there is no commission charged for the service. Quikr is definitely a great way to sell my old products which was not possible few years old and we have to sell it at scrap price. The success of Quikr is because of their excellent website and its features.

This time Quikr has introduced Quikr Nxt in order to help its users with effective communication and better privacy settings. Chat is always anytime preferable over phone call as it is much friendly and open approach. We can talk with freedom and there is no language barrier and confusion.Three main new features to use this platform are –

  1. Strong hold on my Privacy Settings

    With Quikr NXT feature, I have privilege to decide upon sharing my personal phone number while posting the free advertisement. It is simple by just clicking on that privacy feature and now people will see my ad and not my phone number. This will save me from unwanted calls from strangers and my phone number is not public anymore. Now I can post my advertisement with No Fikar, Chat Quikr”.

  2. Ease of Track with Chat History

    Quikr has introduced a new communication feature where I can easily check my last conversation with the seller. This is smart feature as now we do not have to store the buyer or seller details. I can ask more questions to the seller before buying the product with text messages and do not spend even a single penny from my pocket. Also as a seller when we post out any advertisement, we got multiple calls over the phone from buyers and sometimes forget about the exact conversation and there is a chance that buyer may quote us with reduced price. At this point of time, Quikr chat history option can help me in getting the exact details about our last conversation.

  3. Better way sharing of photos

    It is important for me to see the exact pictures and get all details before buying any product online. Sometimes people copy the images from internet or from other sites which makes it difficult to believe the seller and then we have to contact him over the phone or email to send the real time image and product description. This takes a lot of time and some time verbal communication over phone does not give transparency. There are also cases when seller is busy over other call or may be unable to receive the call due to signal issues or other problems. Quikr is right solution in such cases as we can share the picture anytime and see it again from checking the chat history feature. With messenger service, there is a chance that seller may respond to queries in a better way and also could connect with seller again to pitch the product without adding him on whatsapp or sending multimedia message over phone.

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