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My First Day : Kitchen Food Test

Before I start about my kitchen food test,here is the summary of my post “Cooking is not only about Food but a way to express love for your Family ”

Before my marriage,like all the young girls,I too was busy in my college followed by corporate job with no time time left for cooking. When I used to reach home,I was fully exhausted and tired and just half asleep,used to take dinner and go to bed.So this continued for years until my mom started pressing me on learn cooking skills sets as now my marriage proposals have already started and I knew this question would arise everyday “Kya tumhe khana banana aata hein”.My mom was really worried as I felt uncomfortable and what will I do after marriage.So she started making me learn basic skills and I learned about various Indian spices,their tastes and which ingredient is used for preparing which dish and much more.

One day she told me that today morning breakfast will be prepared by me.On her orders,I took my little steps to kitchen and started to think what could I make it for papa and bhaiya.At the same time ,there was a calll for my mom and she had left for hospital as my Nana Ji was really ill.Now I had no option and no alternative as market was closed and mom had also left.I took my smartphone and started my youtube video and looking for something related to eggs.I started browsing various dishes and finally figured out Egg burji.As I started I realized that cooking is not a piece of cake and require various skills.By some how I managed to cook egg burji and served it with bread but the way it tasted was horrible.But I was really surprised that my papa and bhaiya did not utter any thing.


Learning about Indian spices from Mom

That was a moment I realized that how important is to learn cooking and then started taking this as a serious hobby and part of my daily life.Within few days ,mom taught me so many dishes and recipes that I was ready to make anything if there are guests coming from home.Then within few days ,I got married and went to my new home.

I was really excited to cook in my new home and everybody thought that I did not knew anything about cooking and had to be taught everything.So on the 2nd itself,I wanted to surprise everyone by cooking a dinner by myself.In the evening I told my husband that today I want to cook my self all the dinner and told him to bring all the vegetables and spices as required for it.He was really happy to listen that I will be cooking,so he quickly noted all the items and brought the same.He even told me that he will support me in cooking and finding all the items in the kitchen as still I was still my 2nd day.

I figured out that we have a microwave and so thought of preparing something which is really quick to serve. I made Badami paneer in microwave within 14 minutes time in Borosil transparent bowl.When I opened the microwave ,it looks delicious and smelled very Yummy.The best part of using Borosil microwave bowl is that it does not get hot from outside and you dont need gloves to hold it.


Borosil Bowl

At the same time,I was preparing fried rice.My husband is very fond of fried rice and I knew this from her maasi who told me about his love for fried rice from childhood days.So I thought ,I should make this one special for him.

Fried rice is chinese dish which requires basmati rice (2 cups),green vegetables,capsicum,spring,onions,ginger,garlic,cabbage,mushrooms,carrot,soya sauce plus salt and pepper to taste.Preparation time is around 35 minutes and its method is soaking rise in water,drain and cooking the rice and then straining it.Then once done,keep the rice aside and chop all the veggies and heat oil in a pan.Add some anise and prepare the garlic-gineger mix with onions and fry it. All all the chopped veggies and stir to medium flame.The veggies have to be constantly tossed and add soya,tomato sauce with salt and pepper.Simultaneously add fried rise as well and stir it till the sauce has coated the fried rice.


Once the dishes were ready to be served,I quickly took out our Borosil  crockery set which was kept in the kitchen almirah so that food looks even more delicious and remains hot for a longer period of time.Once the dinner was served,everyone applauded my effort and our baugi (grandfather) gave me Rs 500 as a token of appreciation for my first dish.I felt so happy and elated to cook for my family and then serve it myself.Thanks to Borosil for helping me in cooking and making my food more presentable.

This blog post is a contest entry to Indiblogger.in for   the Borosil beautiful food contest.