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Valentine Day Proposal

It has been two years since my arranged marriage and we could not had the opportunity to propose each other before marriage and it was all family affair and more of following traditional customs like any other couple in India. Last year was the first valentine day for us and the best part was he took time from the office hours to take me out for a candle light dinner and give me shopping vouchers to buy a new smartphone.We had a good time together and still enjoyed the moment. But I was waiting for him to propose him but that did not happened. It may be due to the fact that my husband is not very romantic and does not believe in showing off but I know he loves me very much and take care of me. I feel proud of him for supporting me to continue my education and work and not complaining to me about the food as I am still not perfect in cooking.

This time will be the second valentine day for us and to make this valentine special for my crush, I am going to propose him which will be totally unexpected being women. I am confident that I will be able to pull it off in a style and romantic way in order to light my relationship and thank by husband for giving me his love, time and everything. I am still not clear about the right way of proposal and have many different plans and ideas in my mind and this will require lot of preparation before the day of actual proposal.

One of the easy but cupid plan is to make arrangement for candle light dinner and make his favourite dishes on my own and gift him a special wine bottle with a new Titan watch. Then planning to give him a hug and just say the beautiful words expressing my emotions that I will love you forever till the last single breadth of my life

My other way is write a small letter with a love cupcake and keep it in his suitcase with a message to meet me at the same park in the evening where we met with the family members and accepted each other. I will be dressed in the same red wedding gown which I was wearing on the day of marriage and with all the makeup and everything reach the spot. Also I will take the ground mat and cook meals and then in the moonlight time and in the perfect ambience would plant a kiss on his cheeks and then lay on my knee grabbing his both hand and read my proposal to him. This would certainly need a lot of courage as it will be a public place and also usually men bow down the knee and hope he accepts my love and propose me their again after me in his style too of course with lovely presents.

This post is written for Closeup Cupid Games by Indiblogger Happy Hours. 

Winter Break trip to Rajasthan

I always wanted to visit Rajasthan but some or the other way the trip got delayed or canceled due to family,date issue or studies.I was always fascinated about the pink city Jaipur with forts and palaces around the Pink city which described our ancient culture,traditions,our ancestors lifestyle and how local people colorful dresses.

After reading in my school books and my relatives,I found that I should make a plan with my  friends in december winter break to have a group girl tour together to explore Jaipur,Udaipur,Jodhpur and Jaisalmer.We booked the tickets in Shatabdi train for our start journey and it took around 5 hours to reach Jaipur.We had a very warm welcome by the hotel staff with their traditional folk dance and music in local language.I received flowers and smiles from their staff and the locals were very friendly.

All girls ready to ROCK!

First morning in Jaipur,we rented a cab Tata Safari from hotel for the day and asked the driver to take us to all the popular attractions of the city.During the day,we visited  Hawa mahal and Jantar Mantar city palace.Right next to Hawa Mahal,there are so many shops selling souvenirs and  handicrafts wooden items crafted with elegance and handmade.We bought so many of them for our friends and relatives.

Late night we had an awesome camel ride and had an traditional Rajasthani dinner which was very spicy and delicious.


Enjoying Tradional Folk Dance

Camel Ride

Next day around 9 pm ,after having the breakfast, we packed our bags and went to Udaipur.another popular city in Rajasthan known for archaeological sites,historical gardens and famous lakes.While traveling ,I could see houses and buildings designed using red sandstone and marble.We visited Maharana Pratap memorial where there is a statue of Rana Pratap Singh and has a big lawn with fountains and ponds. Also the City Palace is a tourist attraction with so many paintings and artifacts dating back to time when our Hindu rulers ruled the kingdom.We did not stay in Udaipur and directly travelled to our next destination Jodhpur.

We visited the Mehrangarh Fort at Jodhpur famous for its building style,architecture and its museum with vast variation collection of paintings,weapons and shining heavy swords.There is museum where we can buy handicrafts and local toys like stuffed animals and birds and wall paintings.

After travelling for hours and 4 days catching amazing structures that includes the forts,lakes and camel ride,we finally boarded our train from Jodhpur to Delhi and had a very enjoyable memorable trip which will last in my memory forever.



My Experience at So Delhi Tweasure Event

This post gives me confidence and feels proud as it is my first tweasure hunt experience which  I am going to share with all.

I being a Delhi citizen thought that I know everything about Delhi and its places,monuments,museums,archaeological sites and right from north to south and east to West Delhi.But I was wrong and realized this when I came to know about which is a great website for local people,tourists and travelers coming to Delhi and how to spend your day even if you are local. While browsing their website one day,I came to know about a Tweasure hunt competition in Hauz Khas Village.I called my friends and family cousin brother if they want to participate and finally three of us decided to make a team named as Pirates.

Getting ready!


We all registered and reached the Hauz Khas village to get ourselves opportunity to explore various shops to unearth the tweasure hidden and grab maximum points to win prizes worth thousands of rupees and gift vouchers.One of the perks of the adventure campaign was that we got the chance to know every bit of Hauz Khas and different types of shops and restaurants there.One of the perks of participating is that it is free of cost plus chance to get freebies plus refreshment and snacks throughout the event.


As the competition started at sharp 5 pm at the La Rouge restaurant and we were given a sheet with numerous clues and total of 25 tasks for the job.Around 200 participants were there including locals,foreign nationals and event bloggers covering the event. There were various shops and brands who were sponsoring the event and they hosted various exciting activities right from innovative food challenge into the mouth, to the art making competition, multi tasking  singing challenge and many more.

waiting in que



It is really an ultimate experience for me  and my friends though we could not win the ultimate prizes but we were more satisfied in the end with completing all the tasks in time and having a fun filled good time at the tweasure hunt hosted by So delhi!

Thanks for having us and be part of this thrilling party full of adventure and excitement.