My Future Husband Selfie

Marriage and having relationship is most important part of our life. We need someone with whom you can look up till the last breadth.My mother started talking to everyone from close relatives, family members, social sites, brokers and match makers. While my mother believed in arrange marriage but my father was more open minded and asked me if I had a boyfriend or someone in my life.I used to keep on rejecting the boys who used to come to see me and my parents doubted if I had a boyfriend or not.

We all have to take important decision in life when it comes to choosing the right life time partner.I was little tense in telling them about my boyfriend and love of life to them.But then on my birthday it was my boyfriend told about a selfie plan in order to disclose my love to them.I agreed to his plan and made this big decision with the selfie from my boyfriend gifted phone which he gave me few months back.

I think this selfie of my hubby and me together is most delighted moment of my life as it is the first time selfie taken with someone special and then sending the same selfie to my parents declaring that I have chosen him as my life partner and confirming my decision to them.This selfie was was taken in one of the big shopping mall Select Citywalk in Delhi where we decided to live together and promise to take care care of each other with selfie.I think this selfie moment was kind of proposing moment for each other as well.


We both were little afraid to know the reaction but it all ended with my parents who agreed to my decision and decided to talk to his parents.It is this selfie plan and such unique way which make me fall for him over and over again.

This second selfie was taken when my parents called me after seeing out my first photo and were ready to accept us together.It is such natural reaction in this selfie which makes it different from normal selfie or photos which we usually click.

After two months post selfie we got married.I am too happy with my married life and still have that selfie but that old phone camera is not providing clarity pictures any more.Those were the days when we were happy to have a camera in our phone and not much interested in mobile camera after effects or editing features.

I wish that our special selfie moment could have been better if we had more powerful camera features and cool filters option.This is possible now as selfies can be more cool and vibrant if you have smartphone from Mobiistar.It delivers the smooth selfie experience as it comes up with their front, dual selfie camera that captures a 120° wide-angle shot.I am excited about how this will bring change in the way we use camera in our smartphones.

You can also browse more about this upcoming smartphone in Mobiistar on Flipkart.

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