One of the most common stories of every household is the old stock piling of electronic gadgets which is lying in the home. It is just there to occupy your room space and has not much advantage. The reason for all this is technology up-gradation at a rapid rate and better features which are customer oriented being launched everyday in the market. Few weeks ago I bought a laptop and now it feels less updated due to new product configuration with innovative features already in the marketplace. If you go to your friend place or any one room then you are sure to find old smart phone, computer etc and other such electronic gadget biting the dust.

Obsolete technology makes the old gadgets junk of matter and there is no solution to this big problem as the parts cannot be sold or repaired and even if they do then it can cost a hole in your pocket which is not a good option. This leads to people interested in getting new devices instead of getting the repairing done of their old ones. I can give example when my phone smart screen broke then the mobile phone seller told me cost to replace the screen too much and it was not worth repairing it thought it was a minor crack in the screen. The common problem is that old processor is either not available or out of stock as company has moved to new technology. I hope this problem of disposing old device is solved in a better way.

I want to tell about selling my old Samsung phone which was gifted to me by my husband on my birthday few years back when having a mobile phone was a privilege to have and people would stare at you and be amazed about it. I was excited to use that phone for two years before the phone become quite slow and had given me storage and battery problems. I decided to sell that phone but found none of people from my close social circle were really interested in buying it as everyone wanted to buy the newer model. Then I tried to visit the local phone shops but they wanted to buy at throw away prices and so I decided to keep it with me until find the new buyer. One of my friends told me to sell it through social networking site and I posted about it on face book. But that was my big mistake and it lead to numerous spam calls and messages and ultimately deleted the ad. It was horrible experience and I decided never to put such ad on social site with my phone number ever. At last after searching the whole world for selling my smart phone I found the buyer at my home itself. She was none other than my home maid who poked me to give her old smart phone so that she can get to talk to her family which lived in village. I was happy to give her phone for which I just charged her nominal amount after looking at her financial condition and her needs.

It is quite cool to pass out your old gadgets to people in need so that they can learn from it and use it. My maid can now operate the smart phone on her own and even has made a social account with it.

If you are still not able to sell then try Cashify which is the new way to remove your all kinds of electronic gadgets from your home and office. You just need to download app or go to their website to select your gadget and sell them at better rate than retail market seller price. As per the website you will get quote instantly on their site and payment will be done side by side when they pick the device.

Some bonus for all my readers, you can use Cashify  with coupon code ‘CLEANCASH’ for #CleanUpCashOut to get an additional Rs.250 on the sale of your electronic gadgets.



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