Season of Love

My sister is best in the world no matter how much I fight with my sister and get into arguments with her.She has power to influence me and also make me very happy and set my mood when I am in real bad situation and did not have a good day.Her hug is enough for me to move over from tough situation and bring cheer to my face.The more I want to stay away from her the situation makes me more in love with her.The distance does not matter any more to us and we are always bonded to each other from heart to heart.I cannot express our relationship because it is very unique in its own way and brings bundles of joy and happiness to us.Sometimes we cry together and loosen up a bit and share our hard life struggle together.We try to clam each other in complex phase of life and become each other strength.

We are always standing for each other in time of hardship and fight when there is no one to take a stand for us.We can sacrifice any thing for each other.It is always seen that when parents brings us something exclusive present or some yummy things to eat,we try to give it to each other and do not think twice about it.My sister always thinks of me and care like my mother.We do have difference in opinion but we are one when some outsiders try to point finger to us.We are ready to take the blame for each other and save each other if possible.I remember when my sister took the pain to complete my school home work many times when I  would sleep early at night and felt exhausted.She would also get me chocolates and sweets from the school canteen everyday in school from her pocket money.

She even do things when I am getting late for something and try to reduce my workload.In the college days when I was being eve teased and followed by some local prankster and gang of such boys,she came to my help and would come to me to drop to the college inspite of getting late to work.She even gave the warning to those boys without thinking of the consequences.In another incident when I was rejected in the final round of my interview,she consoled me and helped me to overcome such a low situation and able to keep my face high and look forward to the next job.Her small advice and instructions in such tough times makes my path very simple and give me a direction to look like in a positive manner.

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