Real Bonding

I am blessed to have a sister who is very much close to me after my parents.She has been my blanket for life and is the one who share the real emotions with me.I can talk freely to her and for many hours without even thinking about it and she is there to listen to all those stuff.We can share our personal items and check each other smartphone messages and calls without even asking to each other.She is the one who is available for me any time of the day and can sacrifice any thing for me.I can discuss with her so  many other things from movies to anything without interuption.

One such situation which was testing time for both of us was during the exams when our parents were out of the town to see the close relatives.We had to manage everything on our own and it was very hectic for me.But she became a life line for me and took care like a mother and preparing food for me.She would help in home task and even when I caught fever,she took me to the doctor and did everything on her own.She did not allow me to even come out of the bed and help her.She prepared the food and gave me medicines and took the hard life.She made me strong in such situation even after being tired whole day.I cannot forget those moments any time as this shows here love for me and her warmth.It is common to see that sister fight each other in every household but we never fought for material things and had equal share policy.All these things never came between us.

I am very thankful to my cute sister who always encouraged me to take part in different activities at early stage of cultural activity or sports function.She gave time to think about the profession which attracts me and give me motivation about that work.She even took me for proper counseling session in order to make me aware about the core as well as related jobs.It is due to their effort that helped to find the right aim in the early age to plan for the future in advance.She is backbone for me in giving me strength at various phase of my up and down time in my life.It is her that takes all my non sense but still give me comfort and security.I cannot imagine a day without her at any cost.Her lessons to me are always given me a direction in life.

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