Sweet Heart

My blog focus on today is about sweet heart.It here does not signify sugar but it something more to it.It is about ways to lead a healthy and happy heart life with small steps taken at intervals to be fit and secure your heart.

First thing in order to have a healthy heart,physical movement is so much important.This physical movement can be carried out in different activities from riding bicycle or playing in the open field and being part of marathon etc.This is the best way to increase the efficiency of blood circulation in heart or muscle and helps body to open up work more smoothly. You can also be part of some sports club or jog yourself with trainer to shape up your body.

Health safety starts at home and you can also contribute to your heart by helping the environment.This is simple just by planting a plant or watering your home garden.It will keep the atmosphere cool around you and activity will help in breathing fresh air as well as taking care of the environment.You should be keen to fight against illegal practices which are not good for human body and heart.

Heart is protected only when you have a diet that can fulfill your body needs to have proper growth of body with respect to weight and height and also making for proper blood flow through the heart veins.In recent terms high level of pesticides and food adulteration is going in the market and we cannot stop it on our own.It can affect the body and heart movement.The only way to make it minimum is by preventing eating outside and intake home cooked food.I always make sure that no one develops the habit of skipping the morning breakfast or eating bread jam or any too much fried items on regular basis.Oily food is common in Indian meals and more spicy is better.But it is important to spread awareness among all about it ill effects and how it affects your heart.You should have a light meal and also drink natural juice instead of some cold drink.

Family and close friends are much needed by heart and you must do something more in order to be an inspiration and motivation for family.Heart is very delicate and you have so many emotions flowing through it.The best way is to share those emotions and be keen on doing positive things to make you look happy.You should try to help your family members and sharing your thoughts and funny conversations with them and laugh out your heart out.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

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