Backbone behind my Success

Childhood is seen as stage of our lives as we have freedom to think about our career and future planning. It is the time when can do without many restrictions. I consider it right perception and many people do remain confused but little bit of guidance can really help them in making the decision during this crucial stage of life. One wrong decision can lead to more pressures and issues as we grow up and would not be able to find satisfaction in life.

I belong to lower middle class family and it was difficult at times to spend extra money or afford luxury things. It was more like hand to mouth situation in my family. There were few financial problems and my grandparent’s health issues too which were making our life full of struggle for my parents. But I feel they were able to handle all the pressure and came out over it due to their positive approach and working hard. All this never came in between my life to they always persuaded me to grab all the opportunities with both hands and focus on my future dreams.

After my graduation I did not have the job in my field and my dreams were over. I thought to continue in this job as I was earning money and helping my family in tough time. It was also difficult for them to run the house with their income. But they stood strong with me and told me to take a big step for resignation from my current job and work towards your dream job. Everyone in the social circle was against this decision as my life was at crucial stage and getting your dream job would take time and money. My parents forced me to stick to my decision and so I took another gamble to do post graduation in finance which was my ultimate aim. My parents took bank loan for my studies and I joined coaching classes and started my preparation for entrance exam. I had to face lot of problems due to my decision of leaving the job but still guidance from my teachers and friends motivated me to do well in exam. I got the admission in one of the best university and completed the course with flying colours. Further I got placed with one of best company as a result of this hard work and help from family. I urge everyone to keep moving forward in Life & give all your best to fulfil all your aspirations and you will achieve them sooner or later.

“I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.”

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