#TaxPledge to file IT returns

People often complaint to government about paying heavy taxes and increase in price rise. They often talk that government is doing nothing for their development and not providing them facilities as compared to other countries. But I want to pose question to people about their contribution and do we all file the income tax returns which is one of the major part of revenue for supporting all kinds of projects and making India dream to become a smart country and Indian vision of 2020.We must rise up and file IT returns on time without any delay.

Our knowledge about income tax filing in general is not very much as no one teaches us or educate towards its benefits. There is also confusion among people about systems and policies about right way to fill the form. Some people also try to hide the real income and facts about their salary and assets. But with PAN card everything is now open and government can easily check the transactions and find out every minute detail through this and take appropriate action. We all know that keeping black money is crime and it can lead to punishment if caught by the crime department. This can harm your image in the society and so we must pay the IT returns. Filing your returns is must faster and efficient process with exiling option. You can upload all the documents and store your records and do everything while sitting in front of computer and with internet connection. You can see that IT returns filing can help you avail benefits of easy issuance of bank loan and government tenders. IT returns are also needed in government jobs or while applying for visa in different countries. IT returns filing online is better as there are chances of fewer errors and you can fill anytime which is the major advantage and no more waiting in the line. It is duty of every Indian to file income tax return so that our country can progress.

I’m taking the #TaxPledge to file IT returns with the easy Income Tax efiling option from H&R Block at BlogAdda.


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