Horlicks Growth+

All parents including me are worried about their children health and this issue intensify multiple times when it comes to new born babies or kids less than nine years old as today we often come across news which highlight health related issues in the food we consume and people for the sake of quick money and lack of proper laws in India on food adulteration are playing with the health of our children and are risking the next generation of this world. Well it is not just about food adulteration, the farmers in India and its neighbouring countries are using excessive insecticides in their current farming techniques and also use special chemicals to preserve the food for longer period and better shine of their product however all this is causing high chemicals and toxic in such food we consume and also they are killing the essential nutrients which food provide to our body. The fact for not consuming right amount of essential nutrients in growing age is that children are impacted both physically and psychologically as it is impacting their physical growth in terms of height and weight and in some cases it also leads to vision loss, hair loss etc. Lost growth can be optimised and brought back to regular growth if proper action is taken by parents on time.They must be serious and watch their child eating habbits and make a diet plan for the child.

Well it seems that no immediate measure would be taken in near term to tackle this situation despite the fact that we all are aware that European and American markets have declined to take food products from Asian countries due to high level of pesticides and food adulteration so now the question comes what should we do to balance the missing nutrients in children as same has to be given on daily basis rather than on few occasions and with current competition which is getting difficult every day, we expect our children to be physically and mentally strong so that they are able to cope with not just studies but also excel in other extra fields as per their interest like sports, music, dance, cultural activities etc.

Well the answer to this question is to provide an additional nutrient product like Horlicks Growth+ to children which is specially designed for children to provide basic essential nutrient to children like protein, DHA etc. so that it fulfils the body needs in order to have proper growth of body with respect to weight and height and also for the growth of brain but please make sure that the products which promises such action should be clinically proven as our children are the most important aspects of our life and there should not be any compromise in their physical and mental growth and quantity of the product should be given as directed as it should neither be too less nor it should be in excess. I believe that such products should be excluded from tax and should be mandatory for each parent to provide same to their children to ensure that proper growth for better future for their family and in turn it contributes to the society and the country in a long run.

You can also visit website given below for more information. https://growthplus.horlicks.in/.





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