Young at Work

Next generation of 21st century is more towards working using technology and modern machines. They believe in earning more and spending money for getting all the luxury benefits. They are more interested in social media and working using their mobiles and laptops. This is seen as a change in tradition from our old style of working. Earlier people used to spend more time with family and believe in meetings and real time celebrations. Now time has changed and we often have chat and video conference as way to interact with each other.

It is common story everywhere as students and working population is so much busy in chasing their targets and projects so as to compete with ongoing competition. This takes a toll on their body and mind increasing their stress in life and workload. One must be dedicated to work but side by side also contribute towards home to understand their responsibility and duty. Household chore cannot be neglected at any chance and we must help our sister and mom when we are at home so that they can enjoy their life and feel ease at home. I feel proud to say that it is great that we have mother at home who is all rounder at home and still manages time to run the family budget and do all the things. But we should understand that age and time does not wait and it becomes more difficult for her with time to complete the same task. This can affect her health in long run. The best solution to this issue is that awareness among the young so that they realize that household is just woman job and men must equally contribute whether they work or not. It is found that men who work with woman and participate in household work of any kind from washing clothes or cleaning the bedroom and much more can certainly improve the relationships and family bonding. It leads to positive relationship and happiness too.

The best way to motivate the young is by driving them to bring the change in them self and become a source of motivation for others. They can set their room and keep the surrounding clean or learn cooking skills etc which can help them in future. We must learn from western culture and treat household work as responsibility of everyone. Let us start by today itself and pledge to help mom while she is washing clothes or doing any other work.

I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Akshara at BlogAdda.

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