Home First

Our young generation is busy with their own life and most of the time avoids working at home and contributing in household chores. This is not the fault of young brigade only but also our traditions and culture are equally responsible for it. We have seen that in the past about so many cases of woman discrimination and parity in rural and urban areas. We have a society where male dominates and woman play a very little role in the decision making at home and they have their role in contribution towards household work at maximum. They are not treated as equivalent to their men counterparts and given the task to clean the house and their education is also halted many times. Much time we see girls get married early in their life and their education is limited and most of them are denied to work after marriage or find a suitable worth for their hard work done in early years. Our traditions and old theories are now changing as generation is now more active and parents want to give equal chance to the girl child. Our government and media attention with strict laws and regulations has also played a role to bring this change now.

Parents must understand that next generation children must get the right education and moral values which promote gender equality at home and everywhere. This is only possible when they see their mother and father working together at home and doing the household chores. One can set the example by mother prepares the meals for dinner and father arranges the table for dining. Another example can be mother washing the clothes while father takes them in the bucket and put them off for drying in the balcony. Odd even rule is also effective where both parents take up household chores job on alternate days so that work is divided and they both get time to spend with children or perform another important activities. Children could be taught from the books and television channels which are more based on info graphic and sends out good message to the children. Children must be given small tasks at home and they must be taught all the basic skills like washing clothes and drying clothes plus much more so that they do not find difficult if living alone or moving to another place.

I am optimistic that my post will bring change and you will start working towards helping your family in household work.

I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Akshara at BlogAdda.

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