Managing Work at Home

Managing anything in life with your daily schedule is really an issue of this era and when we talk of managing household work then it really looks challenging, actually a lot more than challenging, isn’t it?

Well of course it is, at least for me. So what should we do? We know that it is very much important to do household work but in reality we do not manage it properly or either we get dependent on others for it. This lead to emotional imbalance and later on spoil relationships with parents, spouse, siblings and sometimes even children too. Is it really that difficult a task too perform? Certainly not, of we apply some logical mind and develop a tricky technique to work out things.

One of the trick that I would like to recommend is to hire a paid domestic worker for completing major tasks like washing clothes and even cleaning the house. Secondly, I would advice to make a plann for some time and try to apply that plan if it works, well and good otherwise switch to some other technique. I also have a plan in mind. It is known as Divide and Rule, which I think is not a new one entirely but it is a lot effective as you have heard. That is what we have to do. We can alot the dates like odd dates when only men are responsible for all the household work and on the even dates only women will be responsible for doing the work. This is really an effective way to work and enjoy on specific days. It really works if you are good at performing team work. And if you are not at all good at it then I would suggest you to try this method as it would not only help you manage the household work but also help you to learn work as a team.

Ariel #LaundryGoesOddEven is a great concept and I found it really unique and impressive. I discussed the plan with my husband and to my surprise; he gave a positive sign to go ahead with this task. We had an alternative run for almost a week and found that we both were happy and our workload reduced to half. I was able to finish other chores while my husband helped me to wash and dry the clothes. Also, doing house work leads to good hygienic health and leads to better environment which lead to good overall health of an individual and increasing the efficiency of the person to do work on time. When you manage things on time then you get self-confidence and you feel light and mentally boosted up. This helps in increasing the quality of one’s life and helps achieve the individual ambitions of life. Hope you like to read this post. Thanks for giving me you precious time see you soon.




‘I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.’

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