Mummy Times

Woman often feels that getting back to shape post pregnancy is not possible but this is just a myth. I have seen the turnaround in just three months and had lot of weight too. This was just by following a routine under a professional dietician and in taking lot of water while doing the physical work.I feel lucky to have my sister around me who had also gone through this phase few months back and she helped me during the whole journey.She took up extra time from their regular routine life by making me feel secure and special. My mother in laws would also deny my entry from kitchen and restricted my household work which is my duty at home. I could talk to her about anything related to pregnancy. There was a point when I found myself frustrated due to my figure and body shape. It seems very difficult for me to even see my face and body in the mirror. I would even cry and thought about ways to get myself back in shape.

I was feeling grumpy to see myself in extended form from my belly and thighs. It was little embarrassing during the first few days and it was little bit difficult to understand the situation and realize it.I would go through the yoga sessions and early morning walk with my husband to stay healthy and make the child stronger. My diet would be plain food and less spicy. I had to leave drinking all kinds of beverages and even junk food during that course of time. It was not easy for me but I did everything for my baby and husband. I would also count the number of days on the calendar and mark them up on daily basis and remind myself constantly about taking the doctor prescribed time at right time.It was my sister who came to rescue me at the right time by given me constant guidance and being my mentor and life support in such situation. She would listen to me for hours over phone and still would laugh and say that time will pass and you will be fine. She was actually right and this was realized by me at the point when I saw my new born baby and the nurse gave me in my hand for the first time. My tears and happiness had no limits and I felt so much delighted to be a mother and a woman.I feel obliged to all of them always for this love and making our bonding so much strong.


“I’m writing about my wonderful journey of pregnancy for the #YummyMummy blogging activity at BlogAdda in association with Marico Bio Oil.”


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