Motherhood Adventures

Few years of marriage and good bonding with my husband led to expansion of our family with some good news and resulted in born of our first baby child. It was an amazing feeling for me when I saw my baby for the first time in the hospital after the birth. All those moments of stress and anxiety were wrapped up with the smile and celebrations. The transitions phase from being a slim girl in young thirty to a pregnant lady was out of the world experience. The good news for me was that my company being a multinational firm gave me relaxation of certain months in form of paid leave which allowed me to keep up work at bay and enjoy this period and keep my child safe.

Going through the past, I remember to see my husband happy face and jumping with joy when I told him the awesome news of being pregnant with baby. He could not control him emotions and calling up all the relatives to spread up the good news. It was my most sensitive and emotional phase of my life and has made a big impact on my body and work style. I could see myself totally changed within few months of my pregnancy. My body posture got different and I could see my clothes getting tight. My mood had unusual swings and my food habits were changed. Suddenly I felt little stress and more responsibility over my shoulders. It was also marked by presence of body marks and scars on my face. I could see changes in physical aspect and my vital organs.

I must say that whole experience was not an easy journey at all and I am really thankful to my parents in laws and husband for being so much supportive and taking care of me like a baby. My mother would also come to see me at regular interval and would guide me with her homemade remedies to tighten my skin and sort out my problems. Being a mother I would tell all the expected mother to be calm and patient in that period. You must try to avoid travelling alone or taking a trip which requires travel of 6-7 hours.Also you contact your doctor before taking any type of medicine.I would also tell you that now bio-oil which is exclusive skincare oil to be used in pregnancy for one stop solution to skin problems in that tough period.I hope you like my experience of motherhood.

“I’m writing about my wonderful journey of pregnancy for the #YummyMummy blogging activity at BlogAdda in association with Marico Bio Oil.”

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