Home First

Our young generation is busy with their own life and most of the time avoids working at home and contributing in household chores. This is not the fault of young brigade only but also our traditions and culture are equally responsible for it. We have seen that in the past about so many cases of woman discrimination and parity in rural and urban areas. We have a society where male dominates and woman play a very little role in the decision making at home and they have their role in contribution towards household work at maximum. They are not treated as equivalent to their men counterparts and given the task to clean the house and their education is also halted many times. Much time we see girls get married early in their life and their education is limited and most of them are denied to work after marriage or find a suitable worth for their hard work done in early years. Our traditions and old theories are now changing as generation is now more active and parents want to give equal chance to the girl child. Our government and media attention with strict laws and regulations has also played a role to bring this change now.

Parents must understand that next generation children must get the right education and moral values which promote gender equality at home and everywhere. This is only possible when they see their mother and father working together at home and doing the household chores. One can set the example by mother prepares the meals for dinner and father arranges the table for dining. Another example can be mother washing the clothes while father takes them in the bucket and put them off for drying in the balcony. Odd even rule is also effective where both parents take up household chores job on alternate days so that work is divided and they both get time to spend with children or perform another important activities. Children could be taught from the books and television channels which are more based on info graphic and sends out good message to the children. Children must be given small tasks at home and they must be taught all the basic skills like washing clothes and drying clothes plus much more so that they do not find difficult if living alone or moving to another place.

I am optimistic that my post will bring change and you will start working towards helping your family in household work.

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Young at Work

Next generation of 21st century is more towards working using technology and modern machines. They believe in earning more and spending money for getting all the luxury benefits. They are more interested in social media and working using their mobiles and laptops. This is seen as a change in tradition from our old style of working. Earlier people used to spend more time with family and believe in meetings and real time celebrations. Now time has changed and we often have chat and video conference as way to interact with each other.

It is common story everywhere as students and working population is so much busy in chasing their targets and projects so as to compete with ongoing competition. This takes a toll on their body and mind increasing their stress in life and workload. One must be dedicated to work but side by side also contribute towards home to understand their responsibility and duty. Household chore cannot be neglected at any chance and we must help our sister and mom when we are at home so that they can enjoy their life and feel ease at home. I feel proud to say that it is great that we have mother at home who is all rounder at home and still manages time to run the family budget and do all the things. But we should understand that age and time does not wait and it becomes more difficult for her with time to complete the same task. This can affect her health in long run. The best solution to this issue is that awareness among the young so that they realize that household is just woman job and men must equally contribute whether they work or not. It is found that men who work with woman and participate in household work of any kind from washing clothes or cleaning the bedroom and much more can certainly improve the relationships and family bonding. It leads to positive relationship and happiness too.

The best way to motivate the young is by driving them to bring the change in them self and become a source of motivation for others. They can set their room and keep the surrounding clean or learn cooking skills etc which can help them in future. We must learn from western culture and treat household work as responsibility of everyone. Let us start by today itself and pledge to help mom while she is washing clothes or doing any other work.

I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Akshara at BlogAdda.

Managing Work at Home

Managing anything in life with your daily schedule is really an issue of this era and when we talk of managing household work then it really looks challenging, actually a lot more than challenging, isn’t it?

Well of course it is, at least for me. So what should we do? We know that it is very much important to do household work but in reality we do not manage it properly or either we get dependent on others for it. This lead to emotional imbalance and later on spoil relationships with parents, spouse, siblings and sometimes even children too. Is it really that difficult a task too perform? Certainly not, of we apply some logical mind and develop a tricky technique to work out things.

One of the trick that I would like to recommend is to hire a paid domestic worker for completing major tasks like washing clothes and even cleaning the house. Secondly, I would advice to make a plann for some time and try to apply that plan if it works, well and good otherwise switch to some other technique. I also have a plan in mind. It is known as Divide and Rule, which I think is not a new one entirely but it is a lot effective as you have heard. That is what we have to do. We can alot the dates like odd dates when only men are responsible for all the household work and on the even dates only women will be responsible for doing the work. This is really an effective way to work and enjoy on specific days. It really works if you are good at performing team work. And if you are not at all good at it then I would suggest you to try this method as it would not only help you manage the household work but also help you to learn work as a team.

Ariel #LaundryGoesOddEven is a great concept and I found it really unique and impressive. I discussed the plan with my husband and to my surprise; he gave a positive sign to go ahead with this task. We had an alternative run for almost a week and found that we both were happy and our workload reduced to half. I was able to finish other chores while my husband helped me to wash and dry the clothes. Also, doing house work leads to good hygienic health and leads to better environment which lead to good overall health of an individual and increasing the efficiency of the person to do work on time. When you manage things on time then you get self-confidence and you feel light and mentally boosted up. This helps in increasing the quality of one’s life and helps achieve the individual ambitions of life. Hope you like to read this post. Thanks for giving me you precious time see you soon.




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Mummy Times

Woman often feels that getting back to shape post pregnancy is not possible but this is just a myth. I have seen the turnaround in just three months and had lot of weight too. This was just by following a routine under a professional dietician and in taking lot of water while doing the physical work.I feel lucky to have my sister around me who had also gone through this phase few months back and she helped me during the whole journey.She took up extra time from their regular routine life by making me feel secure and special. My mother in laws would also deny my entry from kitchen and restricted my household work which is my duty at home. I could talk to her about anything related to pregnancy. There was a point when I found myself frustrated due to my figure and body shape. It seems very difficult for me to even see my face and body in the mirror. I would even cry and thought about ways to get myself back in shape.

I was feeling grumpy to see myself in extended form from my belly and thighs. It was little embarrassing during the first few days and it was little bit difficult to understand the situation and realize it.I would go through the yoga sessions and early morning walk with my husband to stay healthy and make the child stronger. My diet would be plain food and less spicy. I had to leave drinking all kinds of beverages and even junk food during that course of time. It was not easy for me but I did everything for my baby and husband. I would also count the number of days on the calendar and mark them up on daily basis and remind myself constantly about taking the doctor prescribed time at right time.It was my sister who came to rescue me at the right time by given me constant guidance and being my mentor and life support in such situation. She would listen to me for hours over phone and still would laugh and say that time will pass and you will be fine. She was actually right and this was realized by me at the point when I saw my new born baby and the nurse gave me in my hand for the first time. My tears and happiness had no limits and I felt so much delighted to be a mother and a woman.I feel obliged to all of them always for this love and making our bonding so much strong.


“I’m writing about my wonderful journey of pregnancy for the #YummyMummy blogging activity at BlogAdda in association with Marico Bio Oil.”


Motherhood Adventures

Few years of marriage and good bonding with my husband led to expansion of our family with some good news and resulted in born of our first baby child. It was an amazing feeling for me when I saw my baby for the first time in the hospital after the birth. All those moments of stress and anxiety were wrapped up with the smile and celebrations. The transitions phase from being a slim girl in young thirty to a pregnant lady was out of the world experience. The good news for me was that my company being a multinational firm gave me relaxation of certain months in form of paid leave which allowed me to keep up work at bay and enjoy this period and keep my child safe.

Going through the past, I remember to see my husband happy face and jumping with joy when I told him the awesome news of being pregnant with baby. He could not control him emotions and calling up all the relatives to spread up the good news. It was my most sensitive and emotional phase of my life and has made a big impact on my body and work style. I could see myself totally changed within few months of my pregnancy. My body posture got different and I could see my clothes getting tight. My mood had unusual swings and my food habits were changed. Suddenly I felt little stress and more responsibility over my shoulders. It was also marked by presence of body marks and scars on my face. I could see changes in physical aspect and my vital organs.

I must say that whole experience was not an easy journey at all and I am really thankful to my parents in laws and husband for being so much supportive and taking care of me like a baby. My mother would also come to see me at regular interval and would guide me with her homemade remedies to tighten my skin and sort out my problems. Being a mother I would tell all the expected mother to be calm and patient in that period. You must try to avoid travelling alone or taking a trip which requires travel of 6-7 hours.Also you contact your doctor before taking any type of medicine.I would also tell you that now bio-oil which is exclusive skincare oil to be used in pregnancy for one stop solution to skin problems in that tough period.I hope you like my experience of motherhood.

“I’m writing about my wonderful journey of pregnancy for the #YummyMummy blogging activity at BlogAdda in association with Marico Bio Oil.”