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Internship and college life goes hand in hand and you can enjoy while you learn and get chance for pre placement offers too.It is the way to show your skills and talent to the organisation and make a strong statement and impression to the key people.You can come out after the internship with good and bad impression.It can give you a chance to make yourself known to people who are looking out for the right talent and you could be the future employer for that organisation.

I found my internship mix of hard task and challenges.It was different from my education system which we are used to in our life.It is not like the board exam or college paper where we cram up the things and spit out in the paper.It was all the way difficult for me to see the things from another angle where our book reading and education had a very little role to play.There was no idol situation here and we had to take into account many different factors like social,economic,political etc.There is lot of dependence on the present situation of the organisation and its unique vision and how employees are motivated to be part of the mission.I found people from operations were fired just because they were not upto the benchmark and underperforming on the regular basis.They were not following the protocol and many things.I found that human factor also plays an important role in the organisation and we cannot completely depend on technology.The emergency situation could push time limits of the employees and I remember working overtime just to help my collague in his project.It was not easy being an intern and had lot of knowledge gain on the other side.I had also got the chance to speak up without any hesitation to my boss manager who was kind of second person in the company and tell about the company weakness and negative sides.It was kind of open forum office and nothing to hide policy.Internship makes you look professional and doing something which could lead to better possibilities for the company and yourself.This framework of internship for college students is win-win situation for everyone.

Internship for me was all about improvement in terms of my personality,education skills and communication.My hesitation to speak in front of someone was gone and I could focus more on problem than the people.I came to know about more financial terms and got better in handling financial data of the company.

“I’m sharing my first internship experience for the #MyInternTheory activity at BlogAdda in association with Intern Theory.”

Life turns#MyInternTheory

There is no better way to learn than going through the internship. It is the way when you get hands on experience and review right in front of you and you are the decision maker. It makes you feel like a boss and gives you the freedom to learn while making numerous mistakes and asking questions without any hesitation. This is the phase when you can invent yourself and find about the nature of the work and job profile. My internship came with lot of struggle and it was a challenge for me to find the right opportunity to intern.

My campus did not allow me to sit for summer internship as was attendance was short and they did not found my sick reason appropriate and I was told to either wait for another month or go out at look through external sources. I did not wait and started to look through my family referrals and consultants. I gave three to four interviews and ultimately found an internship opportunity in a financial firm which was not a multinational or private limited company but still I decided to take up the offer due to learning opportunity. I found the internship experience extremely incredible and amazing. I had the chance to learn so much in terms of finance and taxation while working with the financial analyst and account manager. I got the basic tools and software knowledge from the clerk and cashier working in the front desk and doing daily accounting procedures in the first phase of the internship. I would support them and perform all the closing and other transactions myself and took up their functions so that I could learn.

Next thing was more about financial dynamics and cash flow system which was done by me under constant guidance of my manager. He would ask me to do everything and all the major work. This gave the right practical experience which I was looking out. I got to learn from operations to financial division head about the accounts. It helped me to understand about different fields and job role within the finance department. My internship was over in few weeks but I had a wish to continue working in that organisation. I had got into sort of attachment with the employees and they had become like a family for me. People feel that we only learn from big organisations but even small or medium enterprises can teach you so many things. We must not always look to get the big firms but look for scope of work too.

“I’m sharing my first internship experience for the #MyInternTheory activity at BlogAdda in association with Intern Theory.”