Meri Holi Ka Din

After so many years of my life, I still wait and always am anxious to play the Holi festival. It automatically makes me feel like a small child and I can play with gulaal.I want to tell my readers about my childhood days when I would start playing with Holi sprays and colours more than week before the official Holi date. I would play with my mother and grandparents. I would see my grandmother preparing the Gujiyas and Other traditional recipe with my mother and give me during the Holi day. She would also send some of them to my cousin and other relatives. Our society also made the preparation for performing the Holi bonfire ritual and this was about the winning of royal prince and aunt Holika.The bonfire reminds us that winning of truth over evil.

The real fun starts with preparation of colours and ends only the next day. One of the thing which sometimes acts as hindrance to this beautiful fest is only related to quality of colors.Some people try to make some quick money and take advantage of this festival by selling artificial and fake gulaal in the market. They are not at all bothered about the health and related issues which can cause serious damage to the health. People are still not aware about the hazards as we have lack of awareness while buying the colors.This is also the reason why some people try to ignore this festival and stay inside their homes. I would also advise the people to cover their skin and use some good moisturizer and oil to rub over the body for easy removal of colours after the festival gets over.

I am a good dancer too and Holi helps to play and dance at all bollywood songs. There is not any rule or restrictions in the Holi. It is a festival where we can get the blessings of everyone and all it takes a handful of colour to put on the forehead. There is so much to enjoy in the Holi festival and I want to go back in my life to childhood days to begin that holi celebration. But the real truth is that we cannot go back in the old days again and only way is to celebrate holi like we used to do in those golden days of life. I will try my best to make this Holi as the best one and make full utilization of this time. I want to give Holi new dimensions by buying the holi colours and all the stuff.

“I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories atBlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed.”

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