Ghar Ki Holi

I see Holi as the best time spent with my love ones and close family members. Holi means happiness to me and it helps to bring excitement and give me goose bumps. It involves so many happy moments and celebrations. It has moments of travelling on road side sitting in front of my father bike and throwing colours everywhere. I would put colours on myself and enjoy a lot. Holi makes us all look different for a single day of the year and we look bright and artistic in all sense. Holi is celebrated as we know that all school, colleges and government offices are closed. People throw colours and shout the slogan “Holi Hai” and no one minds it. This can only happen during the holi festival.

Holi is special to me as I get licence for playing music of my choice and get to drink unlimited bhang which is kind of ritual in holi. The drink is addictive and takes the celebration to another level and you feel the adreline rush. It makes you feel very smile and gives you feel high. This is one day when no one will counter you and you can play while you drink and enjoy the atmosphere around you. This holiday is all about exploring the outer area and thus just chilling at home. It gives you a chance to visit your close friends and other family members. You can spend time and get in to meet them real time than just being virtual. We have seen that over the year’s people celebrate many Indian fests just by sending emails and wishes to love ones through email and social networking sites. It is time to get back and play the holi as it used to be in the original way. Technology is good but we must try to visit love ones so that to get better social connect with them.

I prepare myself to play holi and do it in a big way which involves making big plans of party along with musical program. This ends with family dinner. This year I want to make it special and unique by playing it with children who are not fortunate like me and looking for someone who can play with them. They do not get much love and support in life and this is the perfect opportunity to make it awesome for them. I will play holi which will be memorable for them and me for the whole life.

“I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories atBlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed.”

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