Work with Family

It is not something new to discuss but we all know about gender inequality at home. It is seen that female automatically considers housework as their primary objective of work. They are busy with it all time of the year and they hardly get time for themselves. It is just few days after the marriage which are the golden period for them where they can enjoy a little bit of their life and go out with their husband and friends. Then gradually it comes to holding up the house chores and cleaning the room. They have to take the laundry job and other pity jobs no matter them like it or not. It is just the duty they think as their own. I feel ashamed when I see a married woman who has completed her post graduation and other qualifications being put to sweeping and other duties. I want to question the society that why they have the conventional home work as the only work. Let us be practical about it and try to find a solution to this problem of gender inequality.

I suggest that woman should portray as a strong character and try to become gustier while participating in house matters and try to tell her point of view clearly too all the members. They should not feel shy and ignore about what other think of them. They must tell clearly to the children and their husband about the help needed in the house chores. It is time to act and change the perception to bring laundry as work for both men and women. Children should be taught at early age to give due respect to woman and act against any form of violence act. They must stand out to support their mother or sister if they feel injustice being done at home or outside. Woman must come together to ask their family members to give them the respect. Let the next generation woman power break the conventional stereotype of just hiding their face behind the walls of the house and staying quiet without seeking justice. All female must do the household work up to a certain point of time in a day and then concentrate on their passion or should be free to do anything without any restrictions or conditions.

The short summary is that every house must treat woman with dignity and give them some time to live up their life. Please share the load and contribute from now. A single step can help to bring smile on her face.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

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