Work Together

Next generation as we see are tech savvy and more inclined to depend on other for work? They are kind of different from our times where we were afraid of our parents and thought about doing things as per their directions. We used to just keep our head down and follow their instructions and no questions were asked. Our parents made us more disciplined and taught us the value of time and doing things on own. But the things changes with time and new generation is more practical and want to be fast as ever. They feel more educated and knowledgeable than their parents. This is kind of good and bad both. I want to point out that today generation wants to know the logic and technicality behind the problem before proceeding with any action. This is probably good for young girls and future of our country as they can raise their voice much easily against any kind of injustice faced by them in the future at their home or outside. They are more aware and technically sound which means that they can use their resources like electronics to share their issues with the friends and society and get the solution in a much easy way.

Girls in present must do something about their mother in order to save their mother from long intolerance suffered by them for so long in their life. Girls must try to use their education as a tool and fight for their cause. They must have a question in mind about this injustice to them. Someone has to stop this stereotypical mindset and old fashioned culture to give all the household cleaning, laundry etc to the female. Men must walk in hand with the female counterpart and volunteer to work with them before going to work and during their holiday. Children need to clean and press their school uniform and keep them back at the right place. They should not wait for their mother and parents to do this work for them. It will help them in future as they will start their college life and stay away from home. It will help them to adjust to new conditions without any difficulty. Doing the small work like separating the clothes and folding them or keeping the utensils in the right place will help mother to complete the entire task in a quick way and she can get time to do other things and have time for rest.

I hope this blog post will open your eyes and you will #sharetheload from present times.

 I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

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