Promise from him

Every girl thinks of her boyfriend or future partner as tall, handsome, rich, muscular, caring and so on but even if someone get her dream man even than the male ego comes in the relationship after some time which makes one think about the decision of choosing that person because a healthy relationship has to be from both the ends in which there should not be any place for ego so if given a chance when my man ask me what change I would like from him than I would ask him to take “kasam” as said in Indian language or pledge that he should help me in various household stuff and keep his male ego aside as this will bring us closer and help us in making our relationship better and stronger.

I remember we had multiple fights in the past where he would just sleep and rest while I have to do all the household work and even if I ask him for some help than he would deny same and spend his free time in watching cricket match even if India is not playing in it or commenting on various social applications. I agree that social applications lets us connected to our family and friends but not worrying about your closest person in the world and wishing a school friend in different country a birthday wish whom he had not met for years does makes my blood boil.

Well it is very easy to marry someone and as per Indian Hindu tradition do “saatphere” whereas per customs it ask both husband and wife to maintain equal rights and accompany each other in good and bad times however irony of this whole custom is that during this ceremony both bride and groom are focusing more on video recording and listening to comments made by close relatives and friends and least interested in understanding the meaning of ceremony also I won’t blame them also as this custom is performed at the end of a very hectic day which starts at midnight and continued till early morning where bride and groom sleepy eyes tell all the story.

I love my man a lot in fact we both love each other but sometimes few differences do cause a gap between us and I think with the “kasam” or pledge if taken by my man can make our relationship the best in the world to lead a happy and enjoying life in present and future years to come.

“I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda in association with Set Wet.”

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