All I want

Most of the men are not able to understand about girls and still do not know them completely. I feel that it takes years of togetherness to know each other completely. May be God has made them like this only that their thinking process is entirely different from the males. Today let us discuss some of the things that I think females love to do and have a lot of interest in it. Hope these things would help you to understand the female figure better and have a smooth relationship with a female in your life. Women like to have trustworthy man in their life. Women wants that their partner is really loyal to them in every situation of life and they want to face all the good and bad days together which I think is really a good thing. Also, women want that their relationship should be pure and transparent that is no one hides anything from the other one no matter how difficult it would be to reveal the truth.

Women believe in stability through life and also through relationship and obviously nature made them the best managers. They are able to manage all the relationships, work and time for rest all together perfectly. Women want that their partner love them a lot and never leave her alone because anything of which almost every women is scared of is to be alone in life. Even though there are very less chances that they would be alone but still since they want stability they expect this the most that their partner would never leave her alone. Every girl wants that their boyfriend/husband is handsome and has a good personality besides this they really want that their partner keeps them happy and make their life full of surprises. Small moments can be made good by doing just simple things which are different like organizing 50 coloured balloons with hot air in it and let your girl cut the ribbon and free the balloons to let them fly in the air. These things make someone feel special and give them true happiness from within.

This is how we can develop a true and fluent relationship with a girl. Give some time to understand your girlfriend and you will truly get to know what she really expects from you. That’s is all I would like to say and know I would l like to say good bye to all and thanks for reading this.

“I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda in association with Set Wet.”

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