Meri Holi Ka Din

After so many years of my life, I still wait and always am anxious to play the Holi festival. It automatically makes me feel like a small child and I can play with gulaal.I want to tell my readers about my childhood days when I would start playing with Holi sprays and colours more than week before the official Holi date. I would play with my mother and grandparents. I would see my grandmother preparing the Gujiyas and Other traditional recipe with my mother and give me during the Holi day. She would also send some of them to my cousin and other relatives. Our society also made the preparation for performing the Holi bonfire ritual and this was about the winning of royal prince and aunt Holika.The bonfire reminds us that winning of truth over evil.

The real fun starts with preparation of colours and ends only the next day. One of the thing which sometimes acts as hindrance to this beautiful fest is only related to quality of colors.Some people try to make some quick money and take advantage of this festival by selling artificial and fake gulaal in the market. They are not at all bothered about the health and related issues which can cause serious damage to the health. People are still not aware about the hazards as we have lack of awareness while buying the colors.This is also the reason why some people try to ignore this festival and stay inside their homes. I would also advise the people to cover their skin and use some good moisturizer and oil to rub over the body for easy removal of colours after the festival gets over.

I am a good dancer too and Holi helps to play and dance at all bollywood songs. There is not any rule or restrictions in the Holi. It is a festival where we can get the blessings of everyone and all it takes a handful of colour to put on the forehead. There is so much to enjoy in the Holi festival and I want to go back in my life to childhood days to begin that holi celebration. But the real truth is that we cannot go back in the old days again and only way is to celebrate holi like we used to do in those golden days of life. I will try my best to make this Holi as the best one and make full utilization of this time. I want to give Holi new dimensions by buying the holi colours and all the stuff.

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Ghar Ki Holi

I see Holi as the best time spent with my love ones and close family members. Holi means happiness to me and it helps to bring excitement and give me goose bumps. It involves so many happy moments and celebrations. It has moments of travelling on road side sitting in front of my father bike and throwing colours everywhere. I would put colours on myself and enjoy a lot. Holi makes us all look different for a single day of the year and we look bright and artistic in all sense. Holi is celebrated as we know that all school, colleges and government offices are closed. People throw colours and shout the slogan “Holi Hai” and no one minds it. This can only happen during the holi festival.

Holi is special to me as I get licence for playing music of my choice and get to drink unlimited bhang which is kind of ritual in holi. The drink is addictive and takes the celebration to another level and you feel the adreline rush. It makes you feel very smile and gives you feel high. This is one day when no one will counter you and you can play while you drink and enjoy the atmosphere around you. This holiday is all about exploring the outer area and thus just chilling at home. It gives you a chance to visit your close friends and other family members. You can spend time and get in to meet them real time than just being virtual. We have seen that over the year’s people celebrate many Indian fests just by sending emails and wishes to love ones through email and social networking sites. It is time to get back and play the holi as it used to be in the original way. Technology is good but we must try to visit love ones so that to get better social connect with them.

I prepare myself to play holi and do it in a big way which involves making big plans of party along with musical program. This ends with family dinner. This year I want to make it special and unique by playing it with children who are not fortunate like me and looking for someone who can play with them. They do not get much love and support in life and this is the perfect opportunity to make it awesome for them. I will play holi which will be memorable for them and me for the whole life.

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Work Together

Next generation as we see are tech savvy and more inclined to depend on other for work? They are kind of different from our times where we were afraid of our parents and thought about doing things as per their directions. We used to just keep our head down and follow their instructions and no questions were asked. Our parents made us more disciplined and taught us the value of time and doing things on own. But the things changes with time and new generation is more practical and want to be fast as ever. They feel more educated and knowledgeable than their parents. This is kind of good and bad both. I want to point out that today generation wants to know the logic and technicality behind the problem before proceeding with any action. This is probably good for young girls and future of our country as they can raise their voice much easily against any kind of injustice faced by them in the future at their home or outside. They are more aware and technically sound which means that they can use their resources like electronics to share their issues with the friends and society and get the solution in a much easy way.

Girls in present must do something about their mother in order to save their mother from long intolerance suffered by them for so long in their life. Girls must try to use their education as a tool and fight for their cause. They must have a question in mind about this injustice to them. Someone has to stop this stereotypical mindset and old fashioned culture to give all the household cleaning, laundry etc to the female. Men must walk in hand with the female counterpart and volunteer to work with them before going to work and during their holiday. Children need to clean and press their school uniform and keep them back at the right place. They should not wait for their mother and parents to do this work for them. It will help them in future as they will start their college life and stay away from home. It will help them to adjust to new conditions without any difficulty. Doing the small work like separating the clothes and folding them or keeping the utensils in the right place will help mother to complete the entire task in a quick way and she can get time to do other things and have time for rest.

I hope this blog post will open your eyes and you will #sharetheload from present times.

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Work with Family

It is not something new to discuss but we all know about gender inequality at home. It is seen that female automatically considers housework as their primary objective of work. They are busy with it all time of the year and they hardly get time for themselves. It is just few days after the marriage which are the golden period for them where they can enjoy a little bit of their life and go out with their husband and friends. Then gradually it comes to holding up the house chores and cleaning the room. They have to take the laundry job and other pity jobs no matter them like it or not. It is just the duty they think as their own. I feel ashamed when I see a married woman who has completed her post graduation and other qualifications being put to sweeping and other duties. I want to question the society that why they have the conventional home work as the only work. Let us be practical about it and try to find a solution to this problem of gender inequality.

I suggest that woman should portray as a strong character and try to become gustier while participating in house matters and try to tell her point of view clearly too all the members. They should not feel shy and ignore about what other think of them. They must tell clearly to the children and their husband about the help needed in the house chores. It is time to act and change the perception to bring laundry as work for both men and women. Children should be taught at early age to give due respect to woman and act against any form of violence act. They must stand out to support their mother or sister if they feel injustice being done at home or outside. Woman must come together to ask their family members to give them the respect. Let the next generation woman power break the conventional stereotype of just hiding their face behind the walls of the house and staying quiet without seeking justice. All female must do the household work up to a certain point of time in a day and then concentrate on their passion or should be free to do anything without any restrictions or conditions.

The short summary is that every house must treat woman with dignity and give them some time to live up their life. Please share the load and contribute from now. A single step can help to bring smile on her face.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.

Promise from him

Every girl thinks of her boyfriend or future partner as tall, handsome, rich, muscular, caring and so on but even if someone get her dream man even than the male ego comes in the relationship after some time which makes one think about the decision of choosing that person because a healthy relationship has to be from both the ends in which there should not be any place for ego so if given a chance when my man ask me what change I would like from him than I would ask him to take “kasam” as said in Indian language or pledge that he should help me in various household stuff and keep his male ego aside as this will bring us closer and help us in making our relationship better and stronger.

I remember we had multiple fights in the past where he would just sleep and rest while I have to do all the household work and even if I ask him for some help than he would deny same and spend his free time in watching cricket match even if India is not playing in it or commenting on various social applications. I agree that social applications lets us connected to our family and friends but not worrying about your closest person in the world and wishing a school friend in different country a birthday wish whom he had not met for years does makes my blood boil.

Well it is very easy to marry someone and as per Indian Hindu tradition do “saatphere” whereas per customs it ask both husband and wife to maintain equal rights and accompany each other in good and bad times however irony of this whole custom is that during this ceremony both bride and groom are focusing more on video recording and listening to comments made by close relatives and friends and least interested in understanding the meaning of ceremony also I won’t blame them also as this custom is performed at the end of a very hectic day which starts at midnight and continued till early morning where bride and groom sleepy eyes tell all the story.

I love my man a lot in fact we both love each other but sometimes few differences do cause a gap between us and I think with the “kasam” or pledge if taken by my man can make our relationship the best in the world to lead a happy and enjoying life in present and future years to come.

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All I want

Most of the men are not able to understand about girls and still do not know them completely. I feel that it takes years of togetherness to know each other completely. May be God has made them like this only that their thinking process is entirely different from the males. Today let us discuss some of the things that I think females love to do and have a lot of interest in it. Hope these things would help you to understand the female figure better and have a smooth relationship with a female in your life. Women like to have trustworthy man in their life. Women wants that their partner is really loyal to them in every situation of life and they want to face all the good and bad days together which I think is really a good thing. Also, women want that their relationship should be pure and transparent that is no one hides anything from the other one no matter how difficult it would be to reveal the truth.

Women believe in stability through life and also through relationship and obviously nature made them the best managers. They are able to manage all the relationships, work and time for rest all together perfectly. Women want that their partner love them a lot and never leave her alone because anything of which almost every women is scared of is to be alone in life. Even though there are very less chances that they would be alone but still since they want stability they expect this the most that their partner would never leave her alone. Every girl wants that their boyfriend/husband is handsome and has a good personality besides this they really want that their partner keeps them happy and make their life full of surprises. Small moments can be made good by doing just simple things which are different like organizing 50 coloured balloons with hot air in it and let your girl cut the ribbon and free the balloons to let them fly in the air. These things make someone feel special and give them true happiness from within.

This is how we can develop a true and fluent relationship with a girl. Give some time to understand your girlfriend and you will truly get to know what she really expects from you. That’s is all I would like to say and know I would l like to say good bye to all and thanks for reading this.

“I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda in association with Set Wet.”