Date with Snake

I cherish every small adventurous moment spent with my family and friends. I am very adventurous person & love to try & experience various adventurous sports. I have experienced many of the adventurous sports like deep sea diving, Para sailing, River Rafting. I usually try to take break from my office work and go to such adventure trips so that I can pursue some adventure activities and celebrate freedom in life. Then I want to capture each & very moment in my Life with my hobby of photography.

Adventure for me is all about rising above my fears and being close with nature. I still remember the moment when I had fear of snake before I took this adventure trip with my husband. I used to avoid this weird creature and stay away from it until one day I got a chance to hold a real snake in my hand. We both decided to explore and discover the Singapore tourist attractions and had a good time in the Santosa Island and famous Singapore zoo.

We got the opportunity to see variety of species, mammals, and reptiles and also attend the animal zoo. The zoo authorities organised a special show for tourists which was quite amazing. I really enjoyed the way zoo animals followed the instructions of the zoo keepers. At one point of time, there was a long healthy python crawling and hanging on the neck. I felt very scared and feared seeing the snake and wild thoughts started flowing in my mind. I could not move from my seat at all and the python movements were such as if it is looking for the opportunity and may attack the zoo keeper at any point of time. The lady sitting next to me was quite brave and volunteered her ten years old child to hold the python. For me, it was scary and I asked her about if she and her child had no fear of snakes. She smiled at me and told that pythons do not have teeth and are trained. They will not harm the child.












Seeing the child holding the python, the zoo keeper announced that if anyone wants to hold it too. I also thought about it for a while and thought that I should rise to this occasion and take this as an opportunity to fight against my fear. I stood up and walked towards the stage. My hands were shaking but zoo keepers told me to be bold and pythons will not harm. Then slowly they put the heavy python in my hand and his body over my neck. I could not believe holding the python without any fear overcoming my fear.Then I asked the zoo keeper to quickly click my picture holding the snake with my mobile so that it remains a memorable memory and my victory over my fear or snake phobia.I feel this moment makes me think of taking more adventure trips in my life.It was really an ultimate experience for me and my husband.








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