Love is Life

Love, it is a feeling that can’t be explained. It is something unexplainable,and for married is the essence of their is the elixir of their life as after marriage,life revolves more around family and your better half.

He gains more importance even then your parents,because it is with him whom you spend most of your life. It is his lifestyle that you have to adjust to. A new home, a new surrounding and so many adjustments, all of them can be made too much easier when there is love in the equation. One of the best experiences I have ever had with my better half, with my hubby was when we both were in a college and we both were returning back from the bus after attending a competition. I was too tired, and a bit sleepy, then it was him, who got a seat arranged for me, and it was him, who took care of me till we got down from the it was late in the evening, he got down from the bus, to drop me home, even when he had to go back from the same bus. It was that day and the way he took care of me, made me fall for him. True love is always about taking care of the other half, they say love is blind, and since the day I fell for him I actually feel the saying is true.

I have always tried to look about his good qualities and ignore the bad ones. It is like I can always see good in him,whenever I used to complement him on how good he is looking,he always laughed at me,about why do I lie to him and then I would have to spend many hours only to convince him that I wasn’t lying,but I actually meant what I said little things like these actually increased the bonding and love between helped us come a lot closer than we actually were.

He knew how much I love roses, sometimes, without any occasion he just used to keep a rose on the bed side or at the table,only to see me smile and blush. He always does so many different things,only to see me smile. He says the most beautiful asset I have is my lovely smile and he can do anything to see a glimpse of it. It is his gesture that I fall for him over and over again. I know I love him a lot and he deserves even more love than the love I currently shower him with.

“This post is a part of #LoveAndLaughter activity at BlogAdda in association with Caratlane.”


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