Wake up to Gold Mornings

The new generation parents often ask after the birth of their child about best practices to follow for waking up to a gold morning than good morning and having peaceful start of the day. This blog by me will clear out all these basic questions about mantra of having #Colgate360GoldMornings every day.

There is a requirement of daily plan and schedule in the morning right after you wake up and parents must also be keen to follow the same along with the children. Children should be encouraged to take part in different activities in the morning from riding bicycle or playing in the open field. This is the best method to increase the efficiency of the joint or muscle and helps body to open up work more smoothly. You can also be part of their activity plan and jog yourself with them to shape up your body. You can also contribute to the environment by planting a plant or watering your home garden. This activity will help in breathing fresh air as well as taking care of the environment.

You must intake and force even your children to intake liquid soup made from mix vegetables and using dairy products which has high nutrient value in the morning breakfast. This can help in making your immune system stronger and healthy while help in his body development. Do not have a habit of skipping the morning breakfast or eating bread jam or such items on regular basis.

Listen to instrumental music or something you love while taking the morning bath. Do not be shy to open up and be a bathroom singer. It helps you to relieve your stress and will make you happy. Reading is a very good hobby and you should also try it for once. It is good to read the verses from the religious books like Ramayana, Bible etc as it will help in inner peace and improve in understanding about life. Do open the front doors of the room and remove the curtain early in the morning as you see the sun rays. This can lit up the atmosphere and make it alive.

You must try to divert some work to maintain work life balance. You must not mix personal and professional life and must spend morning time with the kids as much as possible and stay together with the family. Helping your family members and sharing your thoughts or funny conversations with the morning tea will help in energizing the whole atmosphere and will make your day.

If you want to start it right away, then try the Colgate 360° Charcoal Gold for #Colgate360GoldMornings effect.


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