True love is not about saying I love you or giving and getting gifts or going on dates with her, it is about being there for each other when you actually have no else to believe you in. We both try to keep each other the happiest possible, being close yet giving each other the much needed space for freedom. Mutual trust is the most important aspect of our relationship as we both trust each other blindly. We both generally fight on one point and i.e. on who loves the other more. I feel that it a special day like valentine’s or be it just a random day of the year, love should always remain as it is because it is rightly said true love never dies. There is no way I can live without him. I feel so lucky to have him in my life.

We have a normal fight like any other couple. This is not something extraordinary and we have so many moments and arguments. But all this ends well with more laugh and love. The end result is more closeness and craziness. We all know that no one is perfect human being and we both have some sorts of weakness and strengths. It is all about finding the understanding and building relationship to run our life in smooth way. The best time of laughter was once when by mistake drank wine in a party and then I was all over the party swinging from left to right. He took my hand and we went for long drive. I spoke things for him whom I would never ever speak and he recorded all in the video. Next morning I was surprised to see myself doing all those weird action and speaking in a funny way. I still cannot hold myself seeing that video again and again.

I think his presence around me makes me feel secure and protected. He also even cracks jokes sometimes when I am sad and not in good mood. This extra care by him also makes me feel glad and very much happy. He always tells me, that he said yes, only because he was overwhelmed at the thought of me thinking and caring so much for his birthday. All of a sudden, one of us gently slips in thoughts and memories of our initial days together and reminiscing about the past, always makes both of us smile together.

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Love is Life

Love, it is a feeling that can’t be explained. It is something unexplainable,and for married couples.it is the essence of their life.it is the elixir of their life as after marriage,life revolves more around family and your better half.

He gains more importance even then your parents,because it is with him whom you spend most of your life. It is his lifestyle that you have to adjust to. A new home, a new surrounding and so many adjustments, all of them can be made too much easier when there is love in the equation. One of the best experiences I have ever had with my better half, with my hubby was when we both were in a college and we both were returning back from the bus after attending a competition. I was too tired, and a bit sleepy, then it was him, who got a seat arranged for me, and it was him, who took care of me till we got down from the bus.as it was late in the evening, he got down from the bus, to drop me home, even when he had to go back from the same bus. It was that day and the way he took care of me, made me fall for him. True love is always about taking care of the other half, they say love is blind, and since the day I fell for him I actually feel the saying is true.

I have always tried to look about his good qualities and ignore the bad ones. It is like I can always see good in him,whenever I used to complement him on how good he is looking,he always laughed at me,about why do I lie to him and then I would have to spend many hours only to convince him that I wasn’t lying,but I actually meant what I said little things like these actually increased the bonding and love between us.it helped us come a lot closer than we actually were.

He knew how much I love roses, sometimes, without any occasion he just used to keep a rose on the bed side or at the table,only to see me smile and blush. He always does so many different things,only to see me smile. He says the most beautiful asset I have is my lovely smile and he can do anything to see a glimpse of it. It is his gesture that I fall for him over and over again. I know I love him a lot and he deserves even more love than the love I currently shower him with.

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Fantastico and Impact Creating Rule

There was so much of tension and excitement at the same time when the Odd even formula started by the AAP govt in the capital city of India i.e. Delhi. It has been developed on the basis of odd even formula in China. This is a novel concept which can be used to reduce pollution. According to this concept, only even number registered cars will run on even days and odd numbered registered cars on odd days. As every coin has 2 sides, this thought of the govt. Of Delhi, also have 2 sides. First the good part of the formula. This will help curb pollution as the carbon emission and toxic fumes escaping out of vehicles will reduce and this will also reduce the influx of traffic on the capital roads, which in turn will help reduce the problem of traffic jams in Delhi, not to mention the least that public transport will be used more which will bring an increased income for the government. The overall congestion in the city will decrease and the citizens will be able to breathe cleaner air.

Now let us move to the flip side i.e. the dark side of this scheme and issues. First and foremost, the inconvenience it causes to the people of the city. The most crushed are those who are middle class and can afford only one car. They are forced to use public transport and bear with all the discomfort. Not to mention they also waste their productive hours in these things. These hours, which could be saved while travelling through their own cars/vehicles, could be used to do some productive work, which have led to an overall increase in man hours, efficiency of the industry as well as a growth in the GDP of the country.

Second problem is the increased reliance of people on public transport and that too when the current system of public transport is far from satisfactory. The public buses as well as local trains of Delhi are already under more pressure than they can handle. The system is still inefficient to cater to the needs and demands of the people and this odd even formula will only serve to create further pressure on it.DMRC is a good example but still it can also be extended further to reduce the pressure on the govt.

Now having considered both the sides, I would like to say that even though the initial idea is good, but is far from being practical. It should be further improved a lot, so that it can be implemented without causing any discomfort to the general public. We can also think of various alternatives that can be thought of until this idea is in place to get properly implemented. One thing is sure that this new government has come up with different approach and it will help in changing the society and make it a better place to breathe and live.

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Wake up to Gold Mornings

The new generation parents often ask after the birth of their child about best practices to follow for waking up to a gold morning than good morning and having peaceful start of the day. This blog by me will clear out all these basic questions about mantra of having #Colgate360GoldMornings every day.

There is a requirement of daily plan and schedule in the morning right after you wake up and parents must also be keen to follow the same along with the children. Children should be encouraged to take part in different activities in the morning from riding bicycle or playing in the open field. This is the best method to increase the efficiency of the joint or muscle and helps body to open up work more smoothly. You can also be part of their activity plan and jog yourself with them to shape up your body. You can also contribute to the environment by planting a plant or watering your home garden. This activity will help in breathing fresh air as well as taking care of the environment.

You must intake and force even your children to intake liquid soup made from mix vegetables and using dairy products which has high nutrient value in the morning breakfast. This can help in making your immune system stronger and healthy while help in his body development. Do not have a habit of skipping the morning breakfast or eating bread jam or such items on regular basis.

Listen to instrumental music or something you love while taking the morning bath. Do not be shy to open up and be a bathroom singer. It helps you to relieve your stress and will make you happy. Reading is a very good hobby and you should also try it for once. It is good to read the verses from the religious books like Ramayana, Bible etc as it will help in inner peace and improve in understanding about life. Do open the front doors of the room and remove the curtain early in the morning as you see the sun rays. This can lit up the atmosphere and make it alive.

You must try to divert some work to maintain work life balance. You must not mix personal and professional life and must spend morning time with the kids as much as possible and stay together with the family. Helping your family members and sharing your thoughts or funny conversations with the morning tea will help in energizing the whole atmosphere and will make your day.

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