Stand Up #KnowYourRights

Every day we hear in newspaper and television commercials about cases of sexual violence and harassment. This is one of the biggest problem we are facing in our country which is totally unacceptable and one of the biggest crimes. It is a kind of crime which destroys the life of the person who is the victim and has to undergo physical, emotional and psychological stress at the same life. It leads to so many complications for the victim and life is very dark.

It is often found that perpetrator in such types of cases is either a stranger who is attracted to the victim or the person who knows the victim very well and from his social circle. The real fact in most of the cases is that person is known to the victim. This is the major factor which leads to less reports of sexual violence and no action taken by the authority. In the modern world, victim is either men or women as it can be case of any kind of such acts. Now further I would like to tell about three core reasons why you think it is important to encourage reporting sexual violence are –

Staying Strong and Healthy

After the heinous crime done to the victim, it is very difficult for victim to stand up again and face the world. The situation revolves around the victim for many months and even years. This can affect the victim health and attitude. The victim may also come under severe depression and this could reach up to the point of suicide which happens much time in worst case scenarios. Therefore it is urgent requirement that medical attention and proper care is given to the victim under guidance of best doctors. Victim suffers from physical damage and pregnancy issues and risk of having sexual transmitted disease and so it is must to consult doctor in order to stay healthy.

Creating Awareness and Taking Stand

The victim must be brave and have attitude of taking revenge in form of justice. It is important that perpetrator should be punished and sent to jail. This will set an example for the society and people will think twice before committing such crime.

Getting a new Life

Victim often feel alone in such cases and so if we raise a voice, the victim may be feel much better through our support and get back to his normal life. We can put the victim through counselling session and provide the support to move forward in life and rising above the fear.

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Jaipur #MadeofGreat

I am always fascinated about the pink city Jaipur which has forts and palaces around the Pink city which describe our ancient culture and traditions. It portrays our ancestors lifestyle and how local people colourful dress them self. There are so many shops in the local market selling souvenirs and handicrafts wooden items crafted with elegance and handmade. Let me give you a brief about this great city in three brief categories.


Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan known for great archaeological sites, historical gardens and famous lakes. While talking about Jaipur design, houses and buildings are constructed using red sandstone and marble. There are so many beautiful museums where there are unique paintings and weapons of kings. Then Jaipur has famous royal palace which has a big lawn with fountains and ponds. It is a tourist attraction with so many antiques and artefacts dating back to time when our Hindu rulers ruled the kingdom.


Jaipur has the world class hotels where tourists can really enjoy the provision of all amenities and facilities. The heritage hotels have big balcony and stunning landscape around them preserved in old way. Jaipur is amazing place to visit in winter season and as a perfect place to break away and relax to enjoy the ambient environment. There are many multi speciality restaurants where Indian and continental food easily. You can visit the famous Hawa mahal and Jantar Mantar city palace. You can further get experience the chance for camel or elephant ride and enjoy the traditional Rajasthan dinner which is very spicy and delicious at same time. One should visit the Nahargarh Fort at Jaipur famous for its building style and architecture. There is Jaipur zoo known for its variety in large number of birds and animals. Jal Mahal and Amer fort has vast variation collection of paintings, weapons and shining heavy swords. There are bazaars where we can buy handicrafts and local toys like stuffed animals and birds and wall paintings. You can find latest international brands and designs at various malls in Jaipur. People in Jaipur love their traditional folk dance and music in local language.


Jaipur location is such in the golden triangle that it is very much connected through the National Highway and you can reach by city buses operated from different locations and depots. Within the city, public transport system is very efficient as there is Jaipur BRTS service which connects to major routes. Indian railway network is well maintained and many luxury trains like Shatabdi and Rajdhani help you to commute to various cities and reach here in Jaipur. Jaipur has already begun its metro train within the city for better convenience of local people. Jaipur has the international airport for international tourist arrivals and departures.

All these aspects combine together make Jaipur as premium Indian city and puts India across global platform.

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