Sugar Healthy Ladoo

We all love having crave for Indian sweets and deserts after every meal. I feel proud to be born in India where there is so much of diversity and different types of cuisines and desserts are available. But I find Motichor ladoo as one sweet as my favourite Indian dessert and I cannot resist from talking about it whenever I think of having some sweet after dinner. It is so tasty and makes me salivate too often. I have so much love for this dish that I decided to lean about making it at home and I will tell you about preparing this delicious and yummy Indian dessert.

Ghee – 1 1/2 cups
Pista – 1 tablespoon
Raisins and Almond Nuts
Sugarfree Natura
Orange colour
Baking Powder
Besan gram flour

Dish Preparation Technique:

– Start with mixing the gram flour with the baking powder in some big bowl and then add 3 tablespoon of melted ghee along with some amount of water for making the thick batter.

– Take a big pan now and add ghee to it and turn on the gas. Now add boondhis in rain drop form in the heated ghee with help of slotted hole spoon.

– Increase from medium to high flame and fry the boondis till they get golden brown and then take them out.

– Now use the Sugarfree Natura sweetener (2-3 tablespoon) and add raisins plus almond nuts,pista to it. Mix them well and add pinch of orange colour to it.

– Now take the fried boondis and put them in the bowl of Sugar free sweetener batter enriched with dry fruits for some time.

– Once the mixture cools down, make ladoos with your hand and give them oval shape.

I wish you all success in preparing this Indian sweet.

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