Sugar Healthy Ladoo

We all love having crave for Indian sweets and deserts after every meal. I feel proud to be born in India where there is so much of diversity and different types of cuisines and desserts are available. But I find Motichor ladoo as one sweet as my favourite Indian dessert and I cannot resist from talking about it whenever I think of having some sweet after dinner. It is so tasty and makes me salivate too often. I have so much love for this dish that I decided to lean about making it at home and I will tell you about preparing this delicious and yummy Indian dessert.

Ghee – 1 1/2 cups
Pista – 1 tablespoon
Raisins and Almond Nuts
Sugarfree Natura
Orange colour
Baking Powder
Besan gram flour

Dish Preparation Technique:

– Start with mixing the gram flour with the baking powder in some big bowl and then add 3 tablespoon of melted ghee along with some amount of water for making the thick batter.

– Take a big pan now and add ghee to it and turn on the gas. Now add boondhis in rain drop form in the heated ghee with help of slotted hole spoon.

– Increase from medium to high flame and fry the boondis till they get golden brown and then take them out.

– Now use the Sugarfree Natura sweetener (2-3 tablespoon) and add raisins plus almond nuts,pista to it. Mix them well and add pinch of orange colour to it.

– Now take the fried boondis and put them in the bowl of Sugar free sweetener batter enriched with dry fruits for some time.

– Once the mixture cools down, make ladoos with your hand and give them oval shape.

I wish you all success in preparing this Indian sweet.

Living with Heroes

My mom is my greatest ever mother in this world and her life is all about living for others and being happy.She is inspiration and motivator for our family and her every second,every day is dedicated to us and care for our family.She is my role model for all the things she does without any expectations or feelings.She is the real hero in my life and a perfect companion.She is very organized and a teacher with knowledge about everything.No one can take the place or fill the space for her.She has contributed so much for the society by teaching in government school,helping poor children in NGO and taking care of environment everyday.

My mother encourage me to have healthy diet and eat green vegetables and should not each much junk food to maintain balanced diet.I am grateful that she was there to give me lessons and right assistance and now it has become a habit for me.She further gave me lessons on proper daily diet chart and right routine so that to get proper immunity to fight against malnutrition and adulteration in food.As a parent she  made sure that I got the right education,teachers and support from family members not only in terms of wealth but resources like love,time and trust on them plus most important is right advice at right moment of time.She always encouraged me to play outside and focus on maintaining a good physique and healthy body.

My mother is really special for me as she understand me and try to help when I feel disturbed from any sort of problem in life.I want to thank her as she made me enjoy the infant phase of life and living each and every moment of life being grown up.Even though she is my mother but she is my true source of motivation and happiness. Whenever, I feel a little stressed or down I just spend some good time playing with her which makes me happy and also strengthen me to face problems in life with endurance.My mother sincerity and her respect for everyone touches my heart and her achievements in corporate world makes me proud of him and I can say loudly that she is one of the #madeofgreat.Her hard work and dedication is much more than her other class fellows and this motivates me to deliver my best too.She is the iron lady for me and key to all my happiness in my life.

My soul goal in life is that I want to do all right things and be like my mom in all ways.I wish her all success and hope to fulfill all her wishes in coming days.

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