5 things for Baby Skin

A new baby coming to your home can enlighten your life. I feel that being connected with babies and children by parents makes their relation stronger and reliable. I feel it is great to live together and enjoy life with innocent children and spend each moment of life with them. They are innocent and require dedicated attention and thus parents have to take care of their physical and emotional needs. Baby skin should get extra protection and this can be done by using some moisturizing cream and oil. Baby’s skin should be pampered with white dairy products like curd, milk and fruits. Though it may look awkward but you should ask everyone to wash hands with soap before touching the baby to prevent germs spread and control. Also please advise all the sick guests to stay away from baby and make preventive measures. Wipes and pads should be used to clean baby as it keeps the baby skin soft. Further, baby panties should be checked at regular interval and must be changed immediately if it is found wet.

We often find babies are taken into sunlight but this can turn out to be negative if baby is kept for longer duration. The skin colour could get darker and it may lead to spots on the skin. In this festival season, babies should be under constant watch due to high pollution and danger of getting hurt due to presence of crackers. Babies should be kept in the room to avoid damage to ears due to noise pollution. Babies should be given homemade remedies and liquid soup made from mix vegetables and using dairy products which has high nutrient value. This can help in making the baby bones stronger and healthy while help in his skin cell development. Baby’s skin can develop rashes and it is very delicate and so perfumes, chemicals and other such liquid products should be kept closed at all times. All the clothing and baby items should be washed separately from other family members items during the early years of the baby. Massage with oil is also to be done in the evening and morning to tone up the baby skin and make it glow at time. When buying clothes, always check the quality and it should be loose enough so that baby feel comfortable or otherwise it may hurt him.

These are some of the tips which I wanted to share with you all and last but not the least to spend time with the baby as much as possible and stay together.

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