5 things for Baby Skin

A new baby coming to your home can enlighten your life. I feel that being connected with babies and children by parents makes their relation stronger and reliable. I feel it is great to live together and enjoy life with innocent children and spend each moment of life with them. They are innocent and require dedicated attention and thus parents have to take care of their physical and emotional needs. Baby skin should get extra protection and this can be done by using some moisturizing cream and oil. Baby’s skin should be pampered with white dairy products like curd, milk and fruits. Though it may look awkward but you should ask everyone to wash hands with soap before touching the baby to prevent germs spread and control. Also please advise all the sick guests to stay away from baby and make preventive measures. Wipes and pads should be used to clean baby as it keeps the baby skin soft. Further, baby panties should be checked at regular interval and must be changed immediately if it is found wet.

We often find babies are taken into sunlight but this can turn out to be negative if baby is kept for longer duration. The skin colour could get darker and it may lead to spots on the skin. In this festival season, babies should be under constant watch due to high pollution and danger of getting hurt due to presence of crackers. Babies should be kept in the room to avoid damage to ears due to noise pollution. Babies should be given homemade remedies and liquid soup made from mix vegetables and using dairy products which has high nutrient value. This can help in making the baby bones stronger and healthy while help in his skin cell development. Baby’s skin can develop rashes and it is very delicate and so perfumes, chemicals and other such liquid products should be kept closed at all times. All the clothing and baby items should be washed separately from other family members items during the early years of the baby. Massage with oil is also to be done in the evening and morning to tone up the baby skin and make it glow at time. When buying clothes, always check the quality and it should be loose enough so that baby feel comfortable or otherwise it may hurt him.

These are some of the tips which I wanted to share with you all and last but not the least to spend time with the baby as much as possible and stay together.

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5 things for #SoftestForBabySkin

I had an arranged marriage and after many years of marriage, our first child was born and it was the most important moment for the family and for me. We really felt blessed at that moment of time and it was the best stage of my life. The baby took up all the attraction of the family and gave us so many sweet memories but all this could happy only with help of my parents and wife. They took extra bit of care and attention of the baby and which I feel very much essential for every baby. I was always shy of holding babies and it was due to baby soft skin and small hands. But slowly and steadily I got an idea to handle my child and want to tell about ways related to baby skin and care. Baby should be kept away from lotions and perfumes as baby may feel uncomfortable with you. We must always wash our hands before handling the baby to prevent spread of infections.

It is most important for baby to take sleep because it is directly related to baby initial growth and development. I felt that baby sleeping at right time is good for everyone and baby can develop discipline routine. Baby should wear loose dresses and as it is good for skin and also we should use curd and milk for cleaning and bathing purpose. The most difficult part for parents like me is changing the diapers of baby several times in a day. But we cannot ignore as it is important for baby skin and make the baby comfortable. It is experienced that baby would start crying if change of diapers does not happen. Diapers form an important part of clothing for baby and their soft skin and we must always purchase quality product so that it can keep baby skin soft plus prevents rashes and helps baby to sleep. Daily massage with massage oil should be done at least once a day so that baby remains physically stronger and regulates blood supply through the different organs. It also helps to keep your premature baby’s heart rate steady. Baby oil natural ingredients bring in more stable brain activity provided that it is massaged properly. Almond oil and coconut oil is best for baby massage. It is also found out that massage in early days could help newborns to recover more quickly from jaundice. People also utilise ayurvedic oil with honey for massage as it nourishes the skin and makes it white.

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Real Joy of Togetherness

Today every one of us has social networking with hundreds of contacts via various electronic medium like mobile or laptop and with various online applications like Facebook, twitter, various chat applications we are logically connected to each other but by doing that are we really close to each other is a big question.

I agree with these digital medium we do come to know about their daily visits or their daily moments of celebrations and various other aspects of life where we comment about their small moments and can also wish them instantly when applicable but can that really score over physically wishing any one, imagine you have your birthday today and you have received online wishes only from hundreds of your friends and relatives but not a single person visiting you personally and wishing you. This can also be framed as on your birthday you are spending hours in front of a laptop reading birthday wishes and doing nothing instead of your friends coming to your place and greeting you and then you are cutting small cake with them and celebrating. I agree it is easy for someone to make fake wishes online than doing same physically like wishing a rude or cruel boss online is much easier than doing same in real as your physical emotions are not attached or highlighted.

Real emotions can never be shared by online message but rather than by devoting time by meeting a person personally and expressing his views as blowing a birth day candle in real is thousand times better than viewing a birth day candle online. Well I think to add more thrills and excitement for expressing real togetherness is with the help of nature like with family and friends we plan for an out station trip which could be beach place like Goa or a hilly area like Himalayas or a desert like Egypt or Dubai or a great waterfall or holy dip in Ganga river in India. The nature also helps in group sports events like river rafting, trekking, rock climbing and many more.

The nature really helps us in bringing more impact to real togetherness as nature brings its own beauty to enjoy more in a group similarly it also brings various challenges which as a team or group faces and come out with various solutions to overcome those challenges which helps in bonding between each other and also leave a memorable experience.

I feel that being connected with relatives or friends over digital medium makes our relation weaker while on other hand relationship bonded over physical medium is much stronger and reliable. I am confident that if a survey is done for same than results will convey the same message.I feel it is great to live together and enjoy life.

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