Advice for parents and Kids

We parents sometimes are too protective about our children and forget that they are just kids and they can make mistakes and be notorious at times.As a parent you want to make sure they get the right education,teachers and support from family members not only in terms of wealth but resources like love,time and trust on them plus most important is right advice at right moment of time.I want to teach my kids right thing and give them right advice which I got from my parents.I remember my mom always used to give me boil water to drink,washed my hands when I was small and asked me to brush my teeth before sleeping.She used to give me honey with milk and in winter to make my bones stronger and healthy.Then she used to pour some ayurvedic oil daily over my body and give my legs and hands massage.

As a parent I feel her advice was very much right for me as a kid.I realized this today when I have become parent myself.We should make sure that children are not stressed enough and should be encouraged to play outside and ask them to play outdoor games and focus on maintaining a good physique and healthy body.We also know about present generation where parents today are either engaged in their office work and sometimes work for 12 hours a day to make sure they earn enough to sustain their livelihood but this also sometimes lead to consequences like child feel neglected and lost.I want to give an advice that parent should be there to support child and attend his school meeting,sports day etc.

My grandfather would encourage me to have healthy diet and eat green vegetables and should not each much junk food o maintain balanced diet.I am grateful that he was there to give me lessons and right assistance and now it has become a habit for me.He further gave me lessons on proper daily diet chart and right routine so that to get proper immunity to fight against malnutrition,pollutions and adulteration in food and infectious diseases.Overall I would encourage my reader to follow my advice that to use desi products and Ayurvedic products instead of medicines as it can cause other problems and effect.

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Mummy ki Sachhi Advice

Life for girls comes with so many responsibilities and we have to do so many things after marriage.But before my marriage,like all the young girls,I too was busy in my college followed by corporate job with no time time left for cooking. When I used to reach home,I was fully exhausted and tired and just half asleep,used to take dinner and go to bed.So this continued for years and then my marriage proposal started coming and I knew this question would arise everyday “Kya tumhe khana banana aata hein”.My mom was really worried as I felt uncomfortable and what will I do after marriage.At this junction of time,my father and mother both advised me to start learning basic cooking skills and have knowledge about various Indian spices,their tastes and which ingredient is used for preparing which dish and much more.I took her advise seriously and followed her footsteps for cooking.As I started I realized that cooking is not a piece of cake and require various skills.I realized that how important is to learn cooking and then started taking this as a serious hobby and part of my daily life.Within few days ,mom taught me so many dishes and recipes that I was ready to make anything if there are guests coming from home.Then within few days ,I got married and went to my new home.


I was really excited to cook in my new home and everybody thought that I did not knew anything about cooking and had to be taught everything.My mother advice really gave me the confident to cook my self all the dinner.My husband was really happy to listen that I will be cooking.He even told me that he will support me in cooking and finding all the items in the kitchen.I felt so happy and elated to cook for my family and then serve it myself.Thanks to my mother again for helping me in cooking and making my food more presentable.After the dinner,everyone applauded my effort and my grandfather gave me some Indian currency as a token of appreciation for my first dish.This small advice from my mom to learn cooking really helped to gain love and confidence of my new family.

I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda.