My Love for Novels

Novels are like an art which associated us to them strongly. They teaches us many things in life and gives us a good exposure.I love reading novels and my favourite writer is Ravinder Singh. I like his novels very much. The best one is his true real story and also his bestselling “I Too Had a Love Story” which has remarked as the best novel in the Indian history till yet. This Story is about Ravin himself and reveals about his first love in life, how he met him and how well things worked in his life until something undesired happened with them. This made this beautiful love story incomplete for ever as Ravin lost his girlfriend in a road accident just a couple of days before they were to exchange their rings. It is one of the mist heart touching, honest and simple love story that anybody had ever written or ever read also.

The second novel written by the same author is “Can Love Happen Twice” which was again a shot in the reading market. It marked with the continuation of Ravin`s incomplete story with a fictitious make of meeting Simar, a fictitious character in the book and how they both end up loving each other.The third novel is “Your Dreams are mine know”, it is also a very beautiful tale of a girl from Bihar who came up to University of Delhi for completing her higher studies. This story marks a simple relationship which substantially developed from real life instants in the life of people.

The 4th novel that I like the most is “Revolution 2020”. It is one of the most best novels I have ever read. It is written by ChetanBhagat. I hope we all know who this personality is as he is the face of Indian Literature in the modern era.The 5th novel I would like to talk is “Half Girlfriend”. The novel is based on the life of a boy who is rather very much simple and joins University of Delhi under sports quota. He became so wise that he convinced Bill Gates to change the standard of living in his state. He loves a girl, his so called Half-Girlfriend which remains dead for her until he gets to know that she is alive. This long term separation for both make them realize them that they are meant for each other.

Purchasing them from E-commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon and Ebay make them easy to access and also takes less time to reach to the customers.I remember when “Revolution 2020” was not available in the market but to my surprise it was on sale on most of the e-commerce sites.I was almost on the verge of buying it at the quoted price on amazon but then my cousin sister told me about was really happy after visiting this website and find the best offer for amazon website and this gave me the opportunity to shop the same novel at less price.I have been able to save money as well my time in getting the most awesome deal with on most of e-commerce sites.

Every novel has so many twist and turns and this experience with reading novels makes me love them. I would also suggest you all that reading is a very good hobby and you should also try it for once.