Alive and Kicking Max Fresh Dance

I had so much awesome time today when no one was at home and my cousin was there today with me.We thought to prepare some fast food and were watching the video on Youtube to prepare the pizza.After watching it carefully we tried to test our cooking skills but the outcome was not the same as we had thought.We were very disappointed out and thought our time and hard work did not gave the desired results.Then while browsing the video,we saw the colgate max fresh video on youtube and my cousin thought to let us try the dance on this tune of this song and refresh our mood and have fun time.Then she quickly took the camera in hand and started the music tune and then within a second,I was ready to dance and show my style of dancing and got naughty.We enjoyed the lot and we were fully charged up again and then watched our video again and again.After the video,we thought to give another chance to try the pizza recipe and guess what,we succeeded in making the pizza.These are the moments when I feel the need of friends and how a beautiful music tone and team work can lit up the atmosphere and make it alive.

“I am dancing for #MaxFreshMove activity at BlogAdda. If you are not blogging, you can join me by participating in this #MaxFreshMove facebook activity.”

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