Airtel 4G – The Fastest Network Ever

Finally the wait is over for the one thing which I have been waiting for many years and it has finally started rolling in India. It is true that Airtel 4G has become the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services in India. The new network is incredibly fast in live comparison with the earlier model like 3G.It has the ultimate capability to access online network and internet within few seconds and get best of our Smartphone. We can do numerous downloads of movies in shortest time frame and much more.

I remember few months back, I had gone for a business trip with my office employees to attend the annual conference of our organisation. There was no wireless network available at the location site and we had to stick to our 3G services for doing all the business related task. I still remember that moment of embarrassment when I was not able to play the company official video and presentation in a smooth manner in front of more than thirty people. I feel all my hard work was not able to get the desired result due to very slow speed internet services. But this time I believe with 4G services, I will be able access big files and play the high definition company videos and presentations without any pause and there will no technical issue due to the network speed.

I am also big fan of watching cricket match live and stay updated to the live score. Usually our office does not allow us to access websites other than few sites and I had to watch on my mobile internet to stay updated about the same and watch cricket videos on my mobile. But the live streaming is not very good and downloading a video sometimes takes more than twenty minutes which takes away my interest in the game and make me unhappy. But now I am looking to have the internet 4G service in my mobile so that I can get connected and stay updated to the live scores and get real time updates and notifications within few seconds. The best moment for me would be to watch all the cricket videos and replay of the matches on YouTube or other websites instantly. I will be able to catch the match live and do not have to play the video again and again. The airtel 4G services are going to bring a revolution in mobile world and I can do so many activities without wasting any time and stay connected to my online friends. I can share with them large time frame videos and transfer content from internet which will make life much better. I can also indulge in mobile networking games and have a common server to play multiplayer games which is not possible in my current network.

I am going to get this network connection now and will head to twitter to send a tweet to #GetAirtel4G in order to get this super fast 4G sim for my mobile.

Get your connection now-

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