My lovely brother

Brother are really special for every sister, not because they are close but also because they understand us and try to help us being alleviated from any sort of problem in life. Also, if I get a little personal, I have a difference of around 12 years between me and my brother. He is also very special for me because I always wanted a younger brother who calls me “Didi” and plays with me. Younger brothers are very cute believe me it is my personal opinion, and when you have a large age gap like in my case then you can also enjoy the infant phase of life and can grow up again with them, by living each and every moment of life being grown up.

I have also made a large collection of pictures right from the day my little brother was born and till now when he has entered in his pre-school, this is really very special for me as well as my brother as these photos would provoke a feeling of emotional satisfaction in our hearts.Even though my brother is younger than me but he is my true source of motivation and happiness. Whenever, I feel a little stressed or down I just spend some good time playing with him which makes me happy and also strengthen me to face problems in life with endurance.My brother honesty and his respect for me and everyone touches my heart and his achievements in school makes me proud of him and I can say loudly that #MySiblingRocks.His hard work  and dedication is much more than his other class fellows and this motivates me to deliver my best too.

Raksha Bandhan, the festival of Rakhi would be held on 29th August 2015 and this day is really special for me as this day is one of the most special day which I share with my brother in common.This Raksha Bandhan I would make this day a very very special for you, my little brother.I would dedicate this day to my little brother, I know he is now not that able to buy a gift for me according to his choice but I know that the chocolate that he would select for me would be my favorite that is Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk. I have planned a surprise gift for him that would be my special rakhi that I will be gifting him that day. I would try to select a one which he would like the mist and also match to his little kid personality also.I have found this amazing site with so many cool combinations of gift designed for this special occassion.You can visit  and and buy gifts for your brother or sister.

I hope everyone enjoys this pure festival of Raksha Bandhan with intense happiness and prosperity in life.