Dancing to Freshen Up!

Well being a mother to a new born baby, I had a long day of office with various tasks and follow ups and when I returned I had to cook food for the family and also to take care of my baby kid so it was just another day for me with little enjoyment or entertainment but soon after the dinner my baby kid starting crying, I thought he was hungry but no he simply disliked the milk and kept crying, I then took him for a walk but that was also in vain. I started playing some videos on internet over my mobile but my baby kept crying and I felt to tiring and didn’t know how to react to this situation and suddenly I started clicking some random videos and it was the video of Colgate  #MaxFreshMove song where Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda performing and suddenly my baby stopped crying.The video music was quite entertaining and catchy and after hearing for several times, me and baby started liking it and on the tune of the video I also started dancing which made my baby smile and made me enjoy the little movement with my baby. It just energized the whole atmosphere and made our day.

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