Innovation in mobiles and introduction of 4G has made these phones more usable and important part of our daily life. Airtel introduction to 4G networks for its providers has given us opportunity to connect with friends and do things which could have taken hours and even whole day in the past. Airtel has now come forward to connect with its users thought its twitter account @AirtelIndia in order to fulfil their user requirements and give smooth integration plus convenient utility in present scenario right from the home.
I wanted to upgrade my network as I have been waiting for quite some time having the 4G handset and still using the 3G network. The airtel 4G network can really help me in saving my pocket money and it brings happiness to me as I can have high speed experience and all benefits at same cost of 3G networks from airtel. Being an airtel mobile user, I logged on to my twitter account and tweeted to them with #GetAirtel4G hash tag asking for 4G sim services in order to upgrade my network from 3G.I could not believe that within two minutes, I got a reply from them with a link to get new sim card and asking my address. This is quite a magic wand first time that I will get sim card delivered to me for free and within a day.
Overall, this new service from Airtel really simplifies my experience in using airtel services and ordering the new sim card for my 4G enabled Smartphone. Certainly airtel has taken user friendly approach and while designing this way of twitter for getting 4G sim. It eliminates the old process and looks very effective to me for enjoying the airtel 4G services.

Airtel network has enhanced it’s the credibility and trust with Airtel open challenge. They are very confident about their 4G network and even challenged people to show them a faster network and they will pay the phone bill for lifetime. There is no need to contact airtel customer service anymore as all the important information regarding airtel services is available with a single click on Airtel website and further you just need to tweet to them for getting airtel 4G sim.