My Love for Novels

Novels are like an art which associated us to them strongly. They teaches us many things in life and gives us a good exposure.I love reading novels and my favourite writer is Ravinder Singh. I like his novels very much. The best one is his true real story and also his bestselling “I Too Had a Love Story” which has remarked as the best novel in the Indian history till yet. This Story is about Ravin himself and reveals about his first love in life, how he met him and how well things worked in his life until something undesired happened with them. This made this beautiful love story incomplete for ever as Ravin lost his girlfriend in a road accident just a couple of days before they were to exchange their rings. It is one of the mist heart touching, honest and simple love story that anybody had ever written or ever read also.

The second novel written by the same author is “Can Love Happen Twice” which was again a shot in the reading market. It marked with the continuation of Ravin`s incomplete story with a fictitious make of meeting Simar, a fictitious character in the book and how they both end up loving each other.The third novel is “Your Dreams are mine know”, it is also a very beautiful tale of a girl from Bihar who came up to University of Delhi for completing her higher studies. This story marks a simple relationship which substantially developed from real life instants in the life of people.

The 4th novel that I like the most is “Revolution 2020”. It is one of the most best novels I have ever read. It is written by ChetanBhagat. I hope we all know who this personality is as he is the face of Indian Literature in the modern era.The 5th novel I would like to talk is “Half Girlfriend”. The novel is based on the life of a boy who is rather very much simple and joins University of Delhi under sports quota. He became so wise that he convinced Bill Gates to change the standard of living in his state. He loves a girl, his so called Half-Girlfriend which remains dead for her until he gets to know that she is alive. This long term separation for both make them realize them that they are meant for each other.

Purchasing them from E-commerce sites like Flipkart, Amazon and Ebay make them easy to access and also takes less time to reach to the customers.I remember when “Revolution 2020” was not available in the market but to my surprise it was on sale on most of the e-commerce sites.I was almost on the verge of buying it at the quoted price on amazon but then my cousin sister told me about was really happy after visiting this website and find the best offer for amazon website and this gave me the opportunity to shop the same novel at less price.I have been able to save money as well my time in getting the most awesome deal with on most of e-commerce sites.

Every novel has so many twist and turns and this experience with reading novels makes me love them. I would also suggest you all that reading is a very good hobby and you should also try it for once.

Alive and Kicking Max Fresh Dance

I had so much awesome time today when no one was at home and my cousin was there today with me.We thought to prepare some fast food and were watching the video on Youtube to prepare the pizza.After watching it carefully we tried to test our cooking skills but the outcome was not the same as we had thought.We were very disappointed out and thought our time and hard work did not gave the desired results.Then while browsing the video,we saw the colgate max fresh video on youtube and my cousin thought to let us try the dance on this tune of this song and refresh our mood and have fun time.Then she quickly took the camera in hand and started the music tune and then within a second,I was ready to dance and show my style of dancing and got naughty.We enjoyed the lot and we were fully charged up again and then watched our video again and again.After the video,we thought to give another chance to try the pizza recipe and guess what,we succeeded in making the pizza.These are the moments when I feel the need of friends and how a beautiful music tone and team work can lit up the atmosphere and make it alive.

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Sunday Energy with Max Fresh move

Sunday morning, when you have lot many things to do in mind as weekend is full of workload with job. With all this, how you will feel when your maid takes unexpected off, really sad. I was so pissed off with so much of work by doing all bathrooms, Bedroom, Garden cleaning, dusting, cooking, handling baby, making food and lots of unlimited small things to do.

While having my lunch, I saw a video shared by my friend of Colgate and I got so energized after seeing that video that this video gave me instant energy & zeal to dance. Though I don’t know how to dance but this music made me felt like dancing and forgot all the household chores left for me to be completed. The music is so catchy that you cannot stop yourself to dance & I immediately got charged up to dance on that amazing song. I could not even wait for a second & started dancing in the kitchen itself and listened to the music again and again and every time I danced with a new dance move and also in front of the mirror so at the end I would say thanks to this video and beat for making my day.

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Airtel 4G – The Fastest Network Ever

Finally the wait is over for the one thing which I have been waiting for many years and it has finally started rolling in India. It is true that Airtel 4G has become the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services in India. The new network is incredibly fast in live comparison with the earlier model like 3G.It has the ultimate capability to access online network and internet within few seconds and get best of our Smartphone. We can do numerous downloads of movies in shortest time frame and much more.

I remember few months back, I had gone for a business trip with my office employees to attend the annual conference of our organisation. There was no wireless network available at the location site and we had to stick to our 3G services for doing all the business related task. I still remember that moment of embarrassment when I was not able to play the company official video and presentation in a smooth manner in front of more than thirty people. I feel all my hard work was not able to get the desired result due to very slow speed internet services. But this time I believe with 4G services, I will be able access big files and play the high definition company videos and presentations without any pause and there will no technical issue due to the network speed.

I am also big fan of watching cricket match live and stay updated to the live score. Usually our office does not allow us to access websites other than few sites and I had to watch on my mobile internet to stay updated about the same and watch cricket videos on my mobile. But the live streaming is not very good and downloading a video sometimes takes more than twenty minutes which takes away my interest in the game and make me unhappy. But now I am looking to have the internet 4G service in my mobile so that I can get connected and stay updated to the live scores and get real time updates and notifications within few seconds. The best moment for me would be to watch all the cricket videos and replay of the matches on YouTube or other websites instantly. I will be able to catch the match live and do not have to play the video again and again. The airtel 4G services are going to bring a revolution in mobile world and I can do so many activities without wasting any time and stay connected to my online friends. I can share with them large time frame videos and transfer content from internet which will make life much better. I can also indulge in mobile networking games and have a common server to play multiplayer games which is not possible in my current network.

I am going to get this network connection now and will head to twitter to send a tweet to #GetAirtel4G in order to get this super fast 4G sim for my mobile.

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My lovely brother

Brother are really special for every sister, not because they are close but also because they understand us and try to help us being alleviated from any sort of problem in life. Also, if I get a little personal, I have a difference of around 12 years between me and my brother. He is also very special for me because I always wanted a younger brother who calls me “Didi” and plays with me. Younger brothers are very cute believe me it is my personal opinion, and when you have a large age gap like in my case then you can also enjoy the infant phase of life and can grow up again with them, by living each and every moment of life being grown up.

I have also made a large collection of pictures right from the day my little brother was born and till now when he has entered in his pre-school, this is really very special for me as well as my brother as these photos would provoke a feeling of emotional satisfaction in our hearts.Even though my brother is younger than me but he is my true source of motivation and happiness. Whenever, I feel a little stressed or down I just spend some good time playing with him which makes me happy and also strengthen me to face problems in life with endurance.My brother honesty and his respect for me and everyone touches my heart and his achievements in school makes me proud of him and I can say loudly that #MySiblingRocks.His hard work  and dedication is much more than his other class fellows and this motivates me to deliver my best too.

Raksha Bandhan, the festival of Rakhi would be held on 29th August 2015 and this day is really special for me as this day is one of the most special day which I share with my brother in common.This Raksha Bandhan I would make this day a very very special for you, my little brother.I would dedicate this day to my little brother, I know he is now not that able to buy a gift for me according to his choice but I know that the chocolate that he would select for me would be my favorite that is Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk. I have planned a surprise gift for him that would be my special rakhi that I will be gifting him that day. I would try to select a one which he would like the mist and also match to his little kid personality also.I have found this amazing site with so many cool combinations of gift designed for this special occassion.You can visit  and and buy gifts for your brother or sister.

I hope everyone enjoys this pure festival of Raksha Bandhan with intense happiness and prosperity in life.

Dancing to Freshen Up!

Well being a mother to a new born baby, I had a long day of office with various tasks and follow ups and when I returned I had to cook food for the family and also to take care of my baby kid so it was just another day for me with little enjoyment or entertainment but soon after the dinner my baby kid starting crying, I thought he was hungry but no he simply disliked the milk and kept crying, I then took him for a walk but that was also in vain. I started playing some videos on internet over my mobile but my baby kept crying and I felt to tiring and didn’t know how to react to this situation and suddenly I started clicking some random videos and it was the video of Colgate  #MaxFreshMove song where Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda performing and suddenly my baby stopped crying.The video music was quite entertaining and catchy and after hearing for several times, me and baby started liking it and on the tune of the video I also started dancing which made my baby smile and made me enjoy the little movement with my baby. It just energized the whole atmosphere and made our day.

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Innovation in mobiles and introduction of 4G has made these phones more usable and important part of our daily life. Airtel introduction to 4G networks for its providers has given us opportunity to connect with friends and do things which could have taken hours and even whole day in the past. Airtel has now come forward to connect with its users thought its twitter account @AirtelIndia in order to fulfil their user requirements and give smooth integration plus convenient utility in present scenario right from the home.
I wanted to upgrade my network as I have been waiting for quite some time having the 4G handset and still using the 3G network. The airtel 4G network can really help me in saving my pocket money and it brings happiness to me as I can have high speed experience and all benefits at same cost of 3G networks from airtel. Being an airtel mobile user, I logged on to my twitter account and tweeted to them with #GetAirtel4G hash tag asking for 4G sim services in order to upgrade my network from 3G.I could not believe that within two minutes, I got a reply from them with a link to get new sim card and asking my address. This is quite a magic wand first time that I will get sim card delivered to me for free and within a day.
Overall, this new service from Airtel really simplifies my experience in using airtel services and ordering the new sim card for my 4G enabled Smartphone. Certainly airtel has taken user friendly approach and while designing this way of twitter for getting 4G sim. It eliminates the old process and looks very effective to me for enjoying the airtel 4G services.

Airtel network has enhanced it’s the credibility and trust with Airtel open challenge. They are very confident about their 4G network and even challenged people to show them a faster network and they will pay the phone bill for lifetime. There is no need to contact airtel customer service anymore as all the important information regarding airtel services is available with a single click on Airtel website and further you just need to tweet to them for getting airtel 4G sim.

Dreams do Come True

Humans live in the world which is dynamic in nature. Today change happens in second and human beings change accordingly. In this fast changing environment it is necessary to plan for the future of our young ones. Being a parent it is toughest task to plan the career of our children. Today there are numerous professions available, but which is best for our children, that’s the tricky part.

To begin with the planning one has to be open mind. Children should be encouraged to take part in different activities at early stage. One should carefully analyze that what his child likes or for matter doesn’t like. Which profession attracts him and what are his fascinations about that work. Children should be told that what kind of awards and wonderful things are associated with that work. The child should be made aware about the core as well as related jobs.

Some children at the early age are able to understand and like a profession. For example a child might like the profession of a Doctor and he would also know that how noble that job is. An aim in the early age can help parents to plan for the future in the future. You never know one day your child walks up to you and say I want to be an Astronaut, what will you do then. Cost of education will always be soaring regardless of course but if person wants he can tackle that too with proper guidance. Guidance in term of finance is available in abundance but choosing the right option is important. There are professional which can help you in accomplishing financial freedom for your child’s dream form starting to higher education. You just need to focus on core future goal and rest can be left on the professionals.  According to child’s like and dislikes a profession can engineer a plan and parents can work accordingly. Finances can be met through loans or by taking an investment plan of any reputed investment firm or bank or any financial institution. Proper counseling and guidance will not only help parents to achieve best future for their children but also able to attain safety against financial uncertainty in future. Gone are the days when saving was the best option for child’s education, investment is the modern way to achieve that. So parents from the early age of their children can start investing for their education.

Proper planning and investing will certainly bear the fruit of success and talent, and a future ready child will be in existence to service parents, nation and mother earth.

Pay close attention to your child’s interests and nurture his talent early in life. You never know, he might be the next Sachin Tendulkar. Invest in your child’s future.