Time for Taazgi Ka Dhamaka

Right from the childhood I had a lot of interest in dancing, I was not a very bright student but very good at dancing. My parents also supported me at every level they could.I remember the days to motivate myself in my schooldays to dance seeing the performances of actors on television and specially Govinda who is my hero.We all know that how he had to struggle more and had to work really hard to make his special spot in the industry

I should be good at all the dance forms and styles but one of my special which was close to me very much is Jazz ‎and RocknRoll style.This form created a special place in my heart when I first saw a video of Allu Arjun performing this dance form. I am amused to see how Allu Arjun attracted the whole crowd and the people going mad about him.Now I have developed an interest in dancing and RocknRoll style has become my comfort zone of dancing.I think dance has became my life and all day I used to think about dance only. I was humbled to see that how Allu dancing has helped the dancers to get proper respect in the industry.The good part about his style is that he dances with full enthusiam.

ju     ju

I was pretty much confident that this step by Allu and my dance talent will really work for me and will win people heart.My dance will be appreciated by the people and also I will get applause from many people that how my rocking style will motivate them and change their perspective about dance.Sometimes life can be tough and challenging and in such a situation there is a need to refresh and getting charged up and this can be possible if do something other than from our daily routine.We can do so many things which are creative and I think dance is one of them.If I try to copy those amazing dance steps by Allu Arjun then it may give me attention and I can really make people who are tired and having dull life can sense a change and forget their problems.I am confident that these Allu moves will add freshness and energy in the people.I would suggest every parent should motivate his child to consider this as a profession in future and become like Allu Arjun.

“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity at BlogAdda in association with Colgate MaxFresh

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