Honey Diet – A sweeter alternative

My Grandfather used to tell me that they used to drink one liter of milk daily with ample of fruits and non-veg main course followed by desert made of cow milk ghee and they never faced issue like high blood pressure, joints pain, weakness or obesity. While now we just have few sandwich or a glass of milk in the morning followed by a light lunch and dinner with at most an ice cream as dessert and we are dealing with multiple diseases and most of us are referred by doctor to make multi vitamins or calcium tablets daily. Am still not able to figure this out as we are in much better financial conditions than our grandparents than why we are incapable to take balanced diet and lead a healthy life rather than depending so much on doctors.

The junk food had been a great success in last few years as it offers rich taste and easiness to cook however its slowly and steadily damaging our internal system in our body as our hunger is not just about filling the stomach but rather it’s a requirement of our body to have calcium, minerals and vitamins in the form of food hence a healthy balanced diet is very essential and should be on our radar as number one priority. I can prove this point as I took one week test on myself and had a daily diet consisting of soft drinks and junk food followed by pastry or ice cream and within the third day I felt severe headache followed by stomach ache and also felt weakness and there was a decrease in my water intake and also in my hunger.

Similarly, I did a sample test for another week with balanced diet in which there was milk, juices, salad, fruits, honey, non-fried items and as desert had something made from milk. Well the results were surprising as I felt energetic with no stomach or head ache also the water consumption increased in my body which overall helps to extract impurity from our body and in turn prevent diseases caused due to kidney or liver. Also I felt confident of myself as I was energetic while with improper diet I felt sleepy and try to ignore things.

We all have studied in our school days that a balanced healthy diet is very important still we forget the basic principles which in turn our affecting our daily routines and could impact our life span as the healthier a person is, the longer he lives, so a balanced healthy diet is very important for us to perform our daily day to day activities and also for us to keep ourselves healthy and energetic as someone said that health is wealth.

I would like to share this interesting website for honey usage tips (http://www.daburhoney.com/) which gives variety of information about Honey Diet.

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