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I have a special place for cricket in my heart. The game is not just played but is also worshiped by the Indians. It’s the time of festival for the Indians whether it’s a world cup or any other series or tournament of cricket. People here worship the legendary players and respects them a lot. Watching a match on TV or watching it live in the stadium is the two different things. Watching the match on TV is great but cheering the team in the stadium is a wonderful experience. It is so much fun cheering loudly “INDIA-INDIA” is a thing every Indian wants to do once in his life. As the game is expanding, the various ways have also comes up to enjoy the game. During the very famous Indian Premier League all the pubs, bars and restaurants have special arrangements for their customers to watch the game by enjoying it with their tasty cuisine and luxurious seating’s. The game has become a source of income for many people and also helped some of the great players to get them the world’s eye upon them. I saw many of my friends used to lie to their parents for the game whether to go out in heat to play it or to watch the matches in the stadium. I remember once I bunked my school to get to the stadium to saw a world cup match but eventually I got caught up as my teacher called up my mother to inquire the reason about my absence, I remember when I came back home I was grounded for about a month. But it was a great experience for me to watch the match in stadium, I also got a chance to shake hands with the players of Indian cricket team and it was like a dream come true for me. Nowadays people are busy in their life and are unable to get themselves to connect up with the game. Their busy schedule don’t allow them to watch long five hours match or to take out time to watch it in the stadium. But it’s not the matter to be got upset as there are many ways to be connected. Recently I came to know about amazing UC Cricket from my friend. I installed the UC Browser on my laptop and now I can watch the highlights or select videos and watch it later on during the weekends or when I have free time. Also I found it really cool as it provides the facility to get live scores and amazing moments of the match without using Google or any search engine. So with UC Cricket I found myself connected to the game without watching the matches. I think the UC browser is perfect cricket companion for me and provides a wonderful experience to get connected to this wonderful game and besides giving me joy. link for UC Browser –

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