Giving Massage to Baby

The new generation parents often ask after the birth of their child about best practices to follow for baby care and giving him right kind of massage. This blog by me will clear out all these basic questions about baby massage.

Baby massage is a gentle and rhythmic stroking push of your baby’s body with your hands.You can talk softly, or sing to your baby while you are massaging, which makes it more reassuring for your baby. The hand movements helps to stimulate the production of the feel good hormone in your baby body.There are a lot of benefits of using baby massage oil not only to the baby but to mother and father too.It is often said that massaging the baby with oil also help baby to develop mentally, and physically.The ingredients in the oil like almond,olive act as catalyst to baby bone development process.

It is also found out that massage in early days could help newborns to recover more quickly from jaundice. It give a better sleep to your baby.Sometimes baby may feel uneasy and then using massage oil can also lifts up your mood and you may feel more empowered by giving massage to your baby. The time you set aside for massage can be your special time together and as you massage your baby, it comes naturally to have plenty of eye contact and some special gossips with him. Also the mothers with depression or who are at the risk of depression can be uplifted with this special interaction of baby massage with their little ones. Baby massage can be great for their fathers too, as most of them missed this opportunity to care for their babies. A regular bedtime massage could be great by a father as it would create a special bond between him and his child.

Massage may be good for premature babies in special care, resulting in weight gain as massage stimulates a key nerve called the vagus nerve, which connects the brain and stomach resulting in improved digestion. Massage oil also makes a baby physically stronger as after it he used to give calmer response to stress and pain. Massage improves the part of the nervous system that regulates our organs and so it helps to keep your premature baby’s heart rate steady.Baby oil natural ingredients brings in  more stable brain activity provided that they are massaged properly.

So, compiling all these benefits and facts you can sense yourself that all babies who are massaged with oil properly and regularly develops more faster as compared to the babies who aren’t.

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