Baby Oil for New born baby

We all know that baby massage is necessary and so many of us generally do that also to the new born baby in the family. But today I would like to share something more about this which I hope you would all like to know and feel satisfied in the end.Yesterday, I went to attend a seminar hosted by related to parenting and daily-care products.The seminar was purely based on importance of oil massage to the new born baby.I came to know so much of useful information which I wanted to share with my blog readers to raise awareness about baby oil and massage. First of all, they told that giving massage is important as it helps in overall development of the child`s body being it from the brain to the smallest of the finger muscles. Massage is the best method to increase the efficiency of the joint or muscle. They compared it with oiling a machinery part to make to work more smoothly.Secondly, they told that generally we think olive oil is the best for doing baby massage. They said that it may be the most popular one but it is not the best one. Actually, none of the oils are the best one it all depends in the need, according to them. Oils are of various types nut some of the most popular are almond oil, coconut oil and olive oil. If the skin of your baby is not healthy and it ahs rashes or dry spots then using olive oil is the worst option as it will make have a side-effect in making the skin more dried out. In this case a parent should choose coconut oil as it helps in making the skin moist and reduce the dryness of the skin. Almond oil is also characterised as good for massage as it helps in going deep to the body and directly strengthening the muscles.

After knowing all this I realized that giving massage to the child is an action of high importance but something which is highly important than that is to select the best type of massage oil for the baby, this can be done by getting consulted from a skin specialist, or an experienced person. So that the oil massage benefits the baby and does not harm him. I hope you will do the same also.In the end we should make sure not to use artificial and local products which may be cheaper and look similiar in packaging to branded products but they could contain things which could be harmful for baby skin.We should always consider doctor advise and asks for his recommendation for best results.

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