My travel tips with kids

I am very delighted to become a mother and will always be thankful to God for giving me a new reason to live my life and again going through childhood phase with my baby. I consider vacations as a way to learn and discover nature with kids. But vacations should be such that it should be planned and spend in such a way that there is no tension, stress. We all should plan out in way that kids can attain maximum benefit while enjoying and having fun.

For traveling,first and foremost thing, I need is a good phone or tablet which can take photos in low light conditions and also includes simple games which keep them engaged throughout the journey. With trips and holidays, I want my child to become more responsible and confident. I want that my child can learn and manage to pack his own bags, check-in at the ticket counter, be himself and still do not get lost. He has a got a travel diary of his own where he could write whatever he wants and pen down his experiences and in terms of travelling sights.

If your child is small and you are going for trip, then the most difficult part for parents is changing the clothes of baby several times in a day. But we cannot ignore as it is important to maintain hygiene and make the baby uncomfortable. I have experienced many times myself that my baby would stop crying after change of diapers and then again sleep. Diapers form an important part of clothing for kids while going for trip as it can be easily removed and must be quality product so that it can keep baby skin soft plus prevents rashes and helps baby to enjoy the trip

Sunglasses are must when travelling in India to protect the skin from UV rays and also it makes you look stylish. In order to make my vacation best of time, all I want is to see my child face with excitement and jumping with joy. When travelling with kids, I usually buy a travel magazine or tourist guide-book, so that my children can read the book as well as gain some knowledge before getting to that point. Also as a parent, I want to make sure kids are always near me and in sight when travelling. I can give them directions in case of emergency and prevent them from taking anything from strangers.

I am writing this article to share my expertise and travel tips after my personal experience with kids.

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