Recreating the Family Love Balance

I am addicted to my phone and always online to check my email and stay connected to my fellow employees.Being online twenty fours a day is important as I have to handle both domestic and international operations. This is quite hectic at times and often these days I do not get time for my family. The result can be seen as my responsibility has increased the love and time for family is fading away, my focus has shifted to perform parenting activities and I do get enough time and care for parents and children. Sometimes I am unable to attend the parent teacher meeting and I find love is lost somewhere and do not find time to please my family.I have gone through this phase myself and want to bring that lost love plus try to divert some work to maintain work life balance.

The questions asked in the article gives me ways to start again as being together with family makes you positive and happy. I am blessed with such a family where we are support to each other in all phases of life, whatever is the situation and we stand together for each other. Their hugs and blessings for me work as symbols of courage and guidance to go ahead and always look beyond and get success with flying colours. It is time to reshape my work and empathize on time management and working in a better way which gives me time for family.

I want try to take break from my office work and go to trips with family so that I can pursue some adventure activities and celebrate freedom in life. Then I want to capture each & very moment with my family. Taking time to get together and playing Indoor games is another idea from the article that I think will make me active and playing with children is the best way to enjoy.I like the idea in the article to cherish every moment spent at my home with the family. By seeing all those old memorable pictures and videos of our past, I can cherish those happy moment more with family. Family Togetherness is the key to success which will never let you down. Being together with family makes me positive and happy. All I hope that article is helpful to me so are there with me so that I can live a happy life. I found it really useful and interesting to tackle my work life balance.

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